Zscaler expands its ZDX™ solution to better support employee productivity

Dhawal Sharma, Vice President and General Manager, Product Management at Zscaler
Dhawal Sharma, Vice President and General Manager, Product Management at Zscaler

Zscaler, Inc., the cloud security firm, made advancements to Zscaler Digital ExperienceTM (ZDX™), an innovative and integrated solution that provides end-to-end visibility and IT troubleshooting capabilities accessed through the Zscaler security cloud. The modern workforce is geographically dispersed, resulting in difficulties for IT and helpdesk teams that need to ensure non-stop productivity and high-quality digital user experiences for employees.

With the recent ZDX updates, Zscaler uses AI-powered insights to empower IT Operations and Service Desk teams with insights, diagnostics, and remediation needed to ensure flawless digital experiences and support workforce productivity, especially within firms where apps, data and users are widely distributed. Leveraging AI can bolster the troubleshooting process dramatically, reducing remediation time from hours, days or even weeks, to a few minutes. 

What do Zscaler’s new capabilities mean for teams?

Zscaler’s new AI-powered monitoring capabilities offer more transparency into the user experience and offer intelligent solutions for user issues and performance inefficiencies. Also, Zscaler now offers meeting quality metrics for WebEx to fine-tune the user experience, and ZDX has implemented support for UCaaS applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

This approach to digital experience monitoring allows service teams to maximise digital dexterity, achieve about 70% improvement in IT Ops productivity when AI-powered root cause analysis is used and scale their global enterprise with environments secured by Zscaler.

“With the move to cloud, SaaS and hybrid work, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for IT teams to monitor performance across distributed apps, data, and users. Siloed network, application and device monitoring tools provide fragmented visibility and fail within zero trust environments, leaving IT teams unprepared,” said Dhawal Sharma, VP and GM at Zscaler.

“These new capabilities provide deep insights and AI-powered analysis that help IT teams thrive within these complex environments so that they can ensure optimal digital experiences, and increase employee productivity,” Dhawal Sharma further commented.

What is the market offering of the expanded ZDX™?

The new Zscaler Digital Experience capabilities provide actionable insights and diagnostics by analysing enormous amounts of telemetry gathered by unifying monitoring silos across diverse end-user devices, a user’s local network, ISP and corporate networks, proxies, the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange and apps. IT teams within enterprise-sized firms can now:

Achieve faster IT resolutions using AI

Using AI/ML processes, ZDX automates root cause analysis to eliminate fragmented data, alert fatigue and finger pointing across IT teams. With a unified view of performance across the entire app delivery chain, instant root cause analysis, and integration with ServiceNow, IT and service desk teams are empowered to quickly triage and resolve user complaints.

Also, with AI-powered analysis and dynamic alerts, IT teams can quickly compare optimal versus degraded user experiences and set intelligent alerts based on deviations in metrics.

Enable higher quality collaboration

Following the updates, ZDX now integrates with Webex to present video conferencing quality insights, alongside device and network performance metrics, to instantly isolate root causes of poor experiences and to ensure uninterrupted and productive meetings.

Effortlessly scale global enterprises

Desktop support teams often struggle with resolving device issues for remote workers and employees in other regions. This release adds a range of key metrics including device health, active processes and Windows OS metrics that are critical to troubleshooting device issues.

In addition, ZDX now supports remote packet capture for complex network troubleshooting, even when the user device is not on the corporate network. Data is stored in local file systems, to comply with data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA and PIPEDA. ZDX also supports deep tracing and adaptive traceroute visibility into applications protected by ZPA with web caching, which reduces the load on applications without impacting monitoring fidelity.

What do clients think of the expanded ZDX™?

“As a leader in the equipment rental industry, we are committed to delivering exceptional experiences and value to our customers at every phase of their projects. Keeping our employees digitally equipped and productive across 1200 plus stores, is critical to meeting our goals,” said JP Saini, EVP, Chief Digital & Technology Officer at Sunbelt Rentals.

“ZDX and its new AI-powered detection and analysis capabilities help us proactively respond to developing problems that can impact employees, and quickly resolve user issues resulting in greater productivity, and higher IT staff and end user morale,” JP Saini further commented.

The new enhancements are available to Zscaler Digital Experience users. For a deeper dive into the latest advancements to ZDX, please read this blog or download the ebook