Zoom2u launches delivery service to connect local businesses to drivers

Steve Orenstein, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Zoom2u Technologies

Australian delivery platform Zoom2u Technologies Limited is helping local businesses and restaurants match with delivery drivers for free with the launch of its newest delivery service, Drivers2u. Drivers2u, launched allows businesses and customers to post a job with a budget and receive offers from drivers to complete the job. Drivers who sign up to the marketplace will receive leads from customers and businesses specifically looking for drivers in their area.

What does Drivers2u mean for Aussie businesses?

Zoom2u Technologies Founder and CEO, Steve Orenstein is encouraging restaurants to reassess their long-term relationship with high-cost mainstream food delivery apps and consider the possibility of running their own delivery service by engaging drivers directly.

Drivers2u allows businesses to run their own self-managed delivery service, reducing the often-exorbitant fees charged by some third-party delivery services. With restaurants continuing to absorb high food delivery app fees, the launch comes as a relief for eateries and businesses looking for fast, reliable door-to-door delivery that doesn’t cost the earth.

Another market incentive is that the service will remain free to both customers and drivers for an initial period whilst the marketplace builds scale. Eventually, the app will switch to a monthly subscription model for drivers, while customers will be charged advertising fees.

Why is Drivers2u a timely solution for hospitality brands?

“With Deliveroo’s departure from Australia bringing the hospitality delivery industry dangerously close to a monopoly, the launch of Drivers2u couldn’t have come at a better time,” commented Steve Orenstein, Zoom2u Technologies Limited CEO and founder.

“Businesses should think about how they can run their delivery service by directly engaging drivers. By self-managing, businesses will only need to cover the cost of the drivers, and will own the relationship with clients, rather than forgoing revenue and control to third parties.”

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