Zoom re-brands its Zoom IQ for Sales software to offer global sales teams a more rounded AI-powered solution

Mahesh Ram, Head of AI Applications and Products at Zoom
Mahesh Ram, Head of AI Applications and Products at Zoom

Zoom announced that Zoom IQ for Sales, the company’s conversation intelligence software, will relaunch as Zoom Revenue Accelerator. Today, Zoom Revenue Accelerator provides many AI features — meeting summaries, chapter summaries, sentiment, engagement, talk / listen ratio, intelligent automatic extraction of next steps and good questions, and an email smart compose feature to help complete sales meeting follow-up, to name just a few.

What inspired the relaunch?

Additionally, Zoom also plans to continue expanding these functionalities and adding new AI features to empower revenue teams to improve their skills and continuously improve performance, leading to better customer experience and revenue outcomes in the long run.

“As a customer feedback-driven firm, we heard from clients that Zoom IQ for Sales didn’t reflect the power of the product. As we further evolve the product, we want to better reflect the vision and how it can help sales teams gain meaningful and actionable insights from their customer interactions,” said Mahesh Ram, Head of AI Applications and Products at Zoom.

“Just in the last quarter, Zoom IQ for Sales has grown significantly, with a 400% increase over Q1, highlighting just how powerful this application is, and how people are interested in generative AI capabilities to boost revenue performance,” Mahesh Ram further commented.

What does Zoom Revenue Accelerator bring to market?

This fall, Zoom is expanding its capabilities with Zoom Revenue Accelerator, including the announcement of a Virtual Coach, Deal Risk Signals, and Discover Monthly for sales teams.

  • Virtual Coach will leverage a customizable and dynamic training environment that simulates a real conversation to accelerate onboarding and train sales team members on new products and methodologies more effectively, including an objective assessment of their performance that they can act on to improve consistency in messaging.
  • Deal Risk Signals will allow sales teams to use a rules-based engine to send alerts if the deal hasn’t moved forward in a specific period of time, to help teams understand where they are in a sales pipeline.
  • Discover Monthly will help uncover trends by tracking how competitors are being mentioned on calls and summarizing the trends monthly, helping revenue teams reveal insights and execute more effectively.

What does the solution mean for global enterprises?

Since its launch, Zoom’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence-powered sales tools have helped revenue teams gain meaningful and actionable insights from their customer interactions:

Alexander Atzberger, Chief Executive Officer at Optimizely
Alexander Atzberger, Chief Executive Officer at Optimizely

“Improving our sales performance while running more efficiently is critical for us. Zoom Revenue Accelerator allows us to coach sellers and identify best practices while simplifying technology and processes and lowering costs. Our sales teams already love and spend a lot of their time in Zoom Meetings, so it was a no-brainer to add conversation intelligence with Zoom to their experience,” said Alexander Atzberger, Chief Executive Officer at Optimizely.

“In addition to using Zoom Revenue Accelerator to onboard our sales team, my C-suite dedicates time each week to listen to recordings. It allows us to not only keep a pulse on our revenue org, but hear directly from our most valuable resource, customers,” Atzberger said.

“Our team is hooked on Zoom [Revenue Accelerator]! It’s been great for our demo process improvement and transparency. I can’t wait to see what kind of AI wizardry they have in store to make it even more awesome!” said Tim Akhmetvaleev, Head of Sales, Flippingbook.

More information about Zoom Revenue Accelerator is available on Zoom’s website.