Zonetail partners with B2C platform ROAR to expand service offerings

Mark Holmes, Chief Executive Officer at Zonetail

Zonetail Inc. (Zonetail), a mobile platform for high-rise residential amenity services announced it has partnered with ROAR, a high-caliber B2B and B2C booking platform to offer guests and homeowners access to a wider selection of services and businesses situated in close proximity. The partnership will benefit Zonetail users across the Canadian marketplace.

What does ROAR bring to Zonetail’s portfolio?

Zonetail is a mobile platform provider serving residents of high-rise residential buildings. The platform connects residents to amenities and services through their personal mobile devices.

The deal with ROAR will provide Zonetail users access to services – from nail and hair care to massage, fitness, pet grooming, and more. ROAR’s integration allows users to search for services, book top-rated and local providers and provide payment in one centralized place.

The signed agreement between the two indicates that Zonetail will receive a transaction fee for every ROAR service booked through ROAR’s platform. The partnership will include a complete integration of ROAR’s platform into the Zonetail applications, allowing Zonetail users a seamless and convenient portal to book the service they want, when they want it.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

“ROAR is the perfect partner for Zonetail. We have known for some time now that our users want concierge services and we have conducted an extensive search for the right partner, and with ROAR, we believe we’ve found them. Zonetail users will now have immediate access to ROAR’’s growing portfolio of top-rated providers,” said Mark Holmes, CEO of Zonetail.

“We are thrilled to partner with Zonetail as a means of expanding the set of services and businesses that Zonetail users will now have access to,” says Maya Adly, CEO of ROAR.

“ROAR is committed to expanding access to high-quality services and businesses in markets by elevating the overall customer experience offered by the service-based sector today.”

Zonetail is confident that providing a fully integrated search and booking engine for concierge services will be very well received by its userbase. Once integration is complete, Zonetail and ROAR will launch in Vancouver and roll out market-by-market across the country.

Please visit Zonetail for more information on the transaction.