Zoho’s CRM for small businesses adds 7,500+ customers within a year

Zoho is a global technology company. Bigin is Zoho’s pipeline-centric CRM for small businesses. Bigin has surpassed 7500 customers in under a year while releasing new features including an industry-first mobile pipeline view.

Bigin’s new version also includes enhanced capabilities to help small businesses foster their customer relationships while recovering from the effects of COVID-19.

SMB Group study on how technology will shift after the pandemic showed 42% of SMBs state that keeping up with customer demands is a top driver to invest in a new digital solution.

With the release of new customisation features, public APIs, new integrations, and enhanced capabilities on mobile devices, Bigin makes the CRM experience easier for small business.

How has Bigin been performing so far?

Since Bigin’s launch last year at the beginning of the pandemic, the product has reported a 40% average increase in total revenue every quarter with a total customer base of above 7500. Bigin has had an average of 32% increase in monthly new customer acquisitions since May of 2020.

As Bigin continues to grow, there will be new enhancements later this year including advanced workflow automation, support for multiple global currencies, and simple process automation tailored for small businesses.

“Small and micro businesses have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and we are pleased to have helped over 5000 of them grow their business during these tough times.”

“With the most affordable pricing in the industry, a promised setup time under 30 minutes, and an extremely low learning curve, our aim was to make it as easy as possible for companies to get started with a CRM.”

“We are taking a major step ahead in our vision to offer the best possible CRM experience for our small business customers.” says Mani Vembu, Chief Operating Officer of Zoho.

“Mobility is a crucial aspect which is often an afterthought for most SaaS vendors. I am happy to say that we have adopted a mobile-first approach with Bigin. Thousands of customers have taken advantage of our unique, industry-first unified pipeline view.”

What are the customer’s responses?

“We have been using Zoho Bigin since July 2020. It’s an ideal CRM for small to medium size businesses, and has been invaluable for us. It’s not overloaded with unusual or unnecessary features; everything is simple, intuitive and essential for running a business like ours.”

“Implementing the system was extremely straightforward – which was important for us – and it’s very easy to personalise the system because it’s so user friendly.”

“The updates and additions are enhancing the system and what our business is able to achieve with it. Of all the CRM systems I have used and reviewed, this is the best for SMBs.”

“It enhanced our team’s productivity and capabilities almost immediately and will be a core part of our operations for a long time to come.” – Michael Robson, Sales and Marketing Manager at Sydney-based Netcare Technology.

Key Product Updates include

  • Improved usability: A customisable pipeline view that allows customers to rearrange their pipeline stages and rename default modules based on their unique needs.
  • Faster, actionable search: Preview search results instantly and take quick actions such as field updates, sending an email, and adding a new note without having to visit the records individually.
  • Greater extensibility: Connect with any third-party app of their choice and new native integrations with Mailchimp, Zoho Books, and Zoho Invoice.
  • More power to telephony: Bigin’s in-built telephony gets added contact center features such as call recording, call transfer, and automatically queueing incoming calls in waiting. It also allows more than 85 third-party telephony providers to integrate with the CRM.
  • Enhanced mobility: Industry-first mobile pipeline view, making it easy to sell right from their smartphone or an exclusive app on macOS.

Pricing and Availability; At $7/user/month, billed annually, Bigin is not just built for SMBs, it is also priced for them.