Zetaris and Dataiku deal to offer real-time access to disconnected data

Zetaris, the fast growth analytical data virtualisation company enabling real-time joined analysis of data across multiple clouds and the data center, announced that it has entered a technology partnership in Australia and New Zealand with Dataiku, the global platform for everyday AI to provide firms with real-time frictionless access to disconnected data dramatically reducing cost, complexity and turbocharging insights and competitiveness. 

Through this partnership firms in ANZ will be able to leverage Zetaris and Dataiku to increase the speed and ease with which they gain insights in real-time from disparate data sources.  

What does the partnership mean for Zetaris and Dataiku?

Vinay Samuel, CEO and founder of Zetaris, said, “We are delighted to partner with Dataiku to at scale unlock the power and benefits of real-time access and query of data, without the complexity and cost of having to move the data and clean it. We have overcome the challenges of disparate data silos and this will be a massive shift in the way clients in Australia and New Zealand can use analytical data virtualisation in their digital and data strategies.”

Zetaris enables firms to reduce standard query times of eight hours to just 30 sec saving time, cost, complexity and reducing errors. The Zetaris Networked Data Platform lets you join and access data silos virtually, across your whole data ecosystem, whilst ensuring data governance and security by removing the need to move data, analysing it at its source.

Whether it’s in the cloud, on-premise, or multiple devices or anywhere, you get a single, unified view of your data enabling faster, more comprehensive and accurate data insights.

Karen Cook, partnerships GTM leader for ANZ at Dataiku

Karen Cook, partnerships GTM leader – ANZ, Dataiku, commented, “The Dataiku ANZ team is excited about Zetaris joining the Dataiku ANZ Partnership ecosystem. Zetaris complements Dataiku in the area of data virtualisation. We are looking forward to working with the Zetaris team to deliver compelling business solutions in the AI and machine learning space.”

What is the market offering of the combined solution?

Highlights of the solution include:

Business exploration

  • Experiment faster with more data at scale
  • Accelerate and improve model predictability and features
  • React faster with frictionless access to data as your business conditions change

Augmented data science

  • Enhanced citizen data scientist with policy-based access to a de-centralised data

Production refinement

  • Reduce cost and increase speed (10x) to operationalise models against real-time data

All market sectors will benefit from this partnership, particularly sectors with heavy compliance regulations such as FSI. The next phase of the joint partnership will see Dataiku and Zetaris bolster data mesh features and expand the joint partner network.