Zero Co donates $10m in support of Australian grassroot programs

Mike Smith, The Founder of Zero Co

Sustainable body and home-care brand Zero Co has launched an initiative to support
struggling grassroots and community organizations with a new fundraising model that
helps raise much-needed funds and stops single-use plastic from ending up in landfills.

It’s called the $10 Million Give-A-Thon and it’s super simple.

Every time a member of a registered sports club, school or charity buys a box of Zero Co’s planet-friendly do-goodies, they will give the organization $40.

Zero Co aims to give back $10 million to clubs, schools & charities and stop 10 million
single-use plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. No more flogging choccies to
fundraise, now you can support your community and stop single-use plastic in its tracks.

Zeco Co on the Give-A-Thon

Mike Smith, Zero Co founder said the idea was sparked by reading about the financial
impact COVID-19 has had on community organizations around the country.

A recent report revealed that 83% of sports clubs have lost significant revenue (averaging at
$18.5K) because of the pandemic and 13% were on the brink of financial collapse.

“We know that local organizations, who give so much back to our community, have had a
rough couple of years. To help them (and the planet), we’ve developed a new model that
redefines fundraising and gives back $10 Million to struggling organizations.”

“We’re going to divert some of our marketing budgets away from advertising platforms
like Facebook and instead use it to fund this initiative. We’ve made it really easy to sign up
and share with members so that organizations can start raising funds with a few clicks.”

“The more clubs that sign up, the more single-use plastic gets stopped. It’s a win-win.”

Familiar faces aboard the Give-A-Thon

“The initiative is backed by Aussie tennis legend Pat Rafter. Schools, charities & sports
clubs have a huge foundational role to play in our kids’ development and provide much-needed support for our most vulnerable, so it’s vital that we help them to thrive.”

Pat Rafter, an Australian tennis legend shares his insights.

“I’m really excited about the $10 Million Give-A-Thon because it makes it easy to support your local community and make more sustainable choices. We’ve made the switch to single-use plastic-free products from Zero Co at our house and we’ll never look back.”