Zeitview acquires Heliolytics to further its ambition of becoming the market leader in solar aerial inspections

Dan Burton, founder and CEO at Zeitview
Dan Burton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Zeitview

Aerial inspection specialist, Zeitview has acquired Heliolytics, which specializes in photovoltaic (PV) system performance via aerial inspection and integrated analytics. With this acquisition, Zeitview takes the lead in advanced aerial inspections for energy and infrastructure. Helioltics is former division of NovaSource Power Services. Most of its staff will join Zeitview, and the team’s presence in Toronto, Canada, will continue. The transaction cost was not disclosed.

What does the acquisition mean for joint clients?

For renewable energy clients, this acquisition reinforces Zeitview’s multi-asset approach to solar, wind, and utilities. For property owners, it offers critical insights into the performance of their rooftop solar facilities. For all clients, Heliolytics’ operations in Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific are also being combined with Zeitview’s global footprint in those same regions.

Heliolytics’ inspection tools and integrated analytics are now supported by Zeitview’s artificial intelligence and machine learning data processing engine. With this addition, Zeitview doubles the reach and breadth of its airplane operations and adds topography, EPC, and drone solutions to Heliolytics, all of which can translate into more comprehensive customer results.

With the sale of Heliolytics to Zeitview, NovaSource Power Services also continues to offer best-in-class aerial inspection software and services to their customers via Zeitview.

What does the acquisition mean for stakeholders?

“Heliolytics are pioneers in the solar industry and have earned a commendable reputation for their unwavering commitment to quality, precision, and exceptional customer service—values we hold in the highest esteem,” commented Dan Burton, founder and CEO at Zeitview.

“Their dedication are valuable as we continue developing groundbreaking solutions that redefine inspection standards within the renewable energy sector. We are excited for this next chapter in our journey, where our united teams create a complete market-winning solution.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Jocelyne Moyer, Head of Heliolytics, said, “Joining forces with Zeitview is a tremendous opportunity to further the renewable energy industry.” Post-acquisition, Moyer takes the title of Senior Director of Strategy and Operations at Zeitview.

“We have a shared commitment with Zeitview to deep client partnerships, science-driven innovation, and unparalleled responsiveness to our global clients. I am excited to join the leadership team and look forward to collaborations that will strengthen Zeitview’s role in the operations and maintenance of renewable energy assets,” Jocelyne Moyer further added.

“We are thrilled to continue our longstanding partnership with the Heliolytics team under the Zeitview name,” said Timo Moeller, Chief Growth Officer, NovaSource Power Services.

“Zeitview’s impressive inspection and software tools will enhance the insights we currently use to support operations and maintenance requests. It is clear that the Zeitview team deeply understands our data needs and is committed to providing continued unrivaled expertise as aerial inspection providers to support our growth,” Timo Moeller added.

A complete integration of Heliolytics operations, data capture, and software into Zeitview’s market-leading global solar solution is expected to be finalized by the end of 2024.

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