Rise of video CVs as the Zapid Hire app launch revolutionises hiring

Andrew Dewez, Chief Executive Officer at Zapid Hire

Zapid Hire, the world’s fastest and all-Australian hiring platform for high-volume industries including retail, hospitality, food service and sales work has launched and Aussie businesses are taking to the app in droves especially as we near the end of lockdown restrictions.

The revolutionary app is set to see the end of old-school resumes and is beckoning a new outlook on the hiring process, with 20,000 Australian job-seekers and more than 300 organisations already subscribed to the game-changing app in less than eight months.

The Zapid Hire system will even specify the Covid vaccination status of applicants for work.

Designed to appeal to Gen Z and Millennials who make-up more than 40% of working population, Zapid Hire allows job seekers to apply for work via short, personality driven videos.

Hiring managers post video versions of job ads, with Zapid Hire connecting candidates with employers via a swipe system and chat feature in half the time of traditional hiring processes.

Genesis of the Zapid Hire app

“It all started as a solution for Mexican food chain Zambrero with Sam Prince, the Founder.”

“Apprenticing under Sam Prince at Zambrero we found hiring processes ridiculously costly, repetitive, inefficient and time-consuming,” explains Zapid Hire CEO Andrew Dewez.

“The Zambrero team became so fed-up with the process that Sam and I opted to ditch the old-school method altogether and create our own better hiring platform.”

“One that potential staff could latch onto easily, as if they were browsing social media.”

“Moreover, since the work requires strong customer-facing skills, we sought to create a system that easily lets applicants showcase their personalities to us from the outset.”

“If you were going to hire a designer, you would look at their website portfolio.”

“If you were going to hire a developer, you would look at the code they write, but if you’re going to hire someone in a customer-facing role, you need to look at their personality.”

“Written resumes and cover letters just don’t cut it in this regard,” says Andrew.

When the global Covid-19 pandemic hit, businesses within the hospitality and retail industries experienced the greatest re-hiring period ever seen.

The global Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant induced lockdowns accelerated take-up of the Zapid Hire app which has saved many businesses crucial time and expense.

“There is a clear cultural shift in how we use technology today. It is therefore fair to state that 2030 has come ten years early in relation to technology adoption.”

“We’re simply more engaged in content that’s presented via technology platforms and Zapid Hire is deliberately designed in keeping with this shift,” adds Andrew.

Research suggests that 80% of 18–24-year-olds (Gen Z) do not have a current written-based CV, and job advertisements with embedded videos have 800% higher engagement.

It’s widely accepted that most recruiters will skim a CV for just six seconds.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Zapid Hire is connecting employers with suitable staff who have been vetted and also drastically cutting the time and cost spent by hiring managers.

“Current recruitment tools are far too slow. On average, it takes 24 to 32 days to hire someone in the hospitality and retail industries. We’ve started a movement that we’re so proud of.”

“It’s just a better way – better for job-seekers and for employers. Candidates for a role get to get creative and really show-off their people-skills to potential employers and on the flip side, organisations can show-off their unique culture via their video job ads,” adds Andrew Dewez.

The Zapid Hire is making waves in recruiting

Australian companies currently using Zapid Hire include Rockpool Dining Group, Betty’s Burgers of Retail Zoo, Cali Press, Mejico, TEEG (Timezone and Kingpin), Fishbowl, Solotel, BBQ Galore and Zambrero (200 restaurants), FunLab (Holey Moley golf clubs, Skyzone trampoline centres, Strike Bowling, Juke’s), some Subway franchisee and Domino’s pizza franchisees.

Compared with Indeed and Seek, Zapid Hire has saved Zambrero 8 hrs per hire, decreased its no-show rate for interviews by 35%, and filled employment positions five times faster.

While Zapid Hire is focussed on the retail, food and hospitality industries, there are plans for expansion of the app into other sectors of business including fitness, childcare, assisted living and other deskless workforce sectors which make up 80% of the Australian economy.

The Zapid Hire experience for applicants

  1. Applicants create short Instagram story style videos of their personality
  2. Applicants swipe through job ads to find the right culture fit
  3. Applicants chat with hirers before proceeding with interview/ hiring arrangements

The Zapid Hire experience for employers

  1. Employers post video job ads
  2. Employers receive 20-30 high-quality video pitches from applicants
  3. Employers invite applicants for interviews via chat feature of the app

The Zapid Hire app is available for FREE download via Google Play and the Apple Store.