ZAPI GROUP announces new comprehensive charger platform

Steve Blaine, Co-Chief Executive Officer & Executive Vice President, Engineering & Quality at Delta-Q

ZAPI GROUP, a global player in electrification, announced a new comprehensive charging platform with the launch of Zivan srl (Zivan)’s charger, CT3.3 Compact Titan. The first model of Zivan’s charger is a 3.3 kW solution that builds on the success of the first generation of the charger adopted by leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in Europe.

What is the product offering of Zivan?

The charger is also the result of a design partnership with Delta-Q Technologies Corp (Delta-Q) leveraging its XV3300 charger announced last year. The ZAPI GROUP charger platform contains both Zivan’s CT3.3 Compact Titan and Delta-Q’s XV3300 product models, offering original equipment manufacturers around the world flexible and robust charging options.

Zivan and Delta-Q’s collaboration aims to provide a power electronics platform that both brands can tailor to suit different markets and customer requirements. As charging experts within ZAPI GROUP, Zivan and Delta-Q designed the charger’s hardware, software and mechanical durability for use on traditional and emerging electrification markets, such as construction and industrial OEMs transitioning their products to electric drive.

The first 3.3 kW chargers as part of ZAPI GROUP’s charging platform meet clients’ needs for electrified applications. The new products maintain Zivan and Delta-Q’s leadership standards for high-quality ruggedized chargers, purpose-built for the most demanding applications.

Both products were displayed at the bauma trade fair this October in the ZAPI GROUP booth. This event is known as the largest tradeshow for construction equipment technology. It’s held every 3 years and sees over half a million attendees. ZAPI GROUP exhibited samples and provided demos of how the chargers can be personalized with different housing designs, embedded software, integrated features, together with manufacturing and logistics options.

What were the executives’ thoughts on Zivan?

“We made a significant leap forward in power density with this new platform. Our solutions will make homologating into OEM designs much easier,” commented Steve Blaine, Co-Chief Executive Officer & Executive Vice President, Engineering & Quality with Delta-Q.

Commenting on the product, Simone Paterlini, General Manager with Zivan, said, “We are excited to bring together key charger hardware and software design capabilities from our engineering teams in Delta-Q and Zivan. This collaboration demonstrates ZAPI GROUP’s commitment to innovation, electrification and driving results for customers.”

“We are pleased with the growth we are seeing from our charger businesses and will continue to invest in Delta-Q and Zivan to pace the accelerating electrification demands from the construction and industrial equipment sectors,” said Federico Gatti, MD of the ZAPI GROUP.