Story brand expert Zahrina changes narrative and gains award recognition

Zahrina Robertson, Founder of Zahrina Photography & Video

The founder of Zahrina Photography & Video ranks among the top North Shore business operators, with Zahrina winning accolades for her ability to use commanding imagery to help entrepreneurs, authors and businesses attract and connect with a wider audience.

How is Zahrina building a strong customer base?

With strong and powerful story brand photoshoots, strategy, styling, script writing and crisp video storytelling, Zahrina draws on visual mastery to work with customers across various industries to hone their message to create the impact they desire in their industry.

“I use my visual storytelling experience in photography, videography and marketing to get to the heart of each person, peeling away the layers to highlight the authentic elements that makes them unique. Getting right to the heart of a person’s story and putting that on show is empowering, and that empowerment is what attracts their clients to them,” Zahrina explains.

How is Zahrina giving back to her community?

In lockdown Zahrina turned to painting. She had never painted before, but found an affinity with the brush in depicting the dire impact micro plastics have in polluting our oceans.

“As a mum and business owner, I’m familiar with the juggle that goes with daily life, but this epiphany showed me I was more than what I do. Instead of working on just one thing, I could focus on two things, or three things. The more interested you are in creating the right environment that energises your soul, the more interesting you become to others,” she says.

With her visual storytelling business thriving again, and a second artistic career flourishing, Zahrina doubled her staff which feeds directly back into her local economy. Zahrina is living up to her values and creating impact within her own community via her business proposition.

A branding maverick driven by innovation, Zahrina developed the Ultimate Speaker Showreel Film Day, attracting clients from worldwide. June, July and August events were sold out within three weeks. North Shore Local Business Awards winners will be announced on 10 August.