Yugabyte and SRA OSS team up to help bolster database modernization

Yugabyte, the open source distributed SQL database company, has signed a strategic partner agreement with one of the leading Japanese PostgreSQL professional consulting companies, SRA OSS, LLC. Together, Yugabyte and SRA OSS will accelerate the adoption of cloud-native transactional database technology for enterprise database modernization initiatives in Japan.

What does the partnership mean for regional customers?

SRA OSS brings a wealth of experience in PostgreSQL database implementation and modernization. Yugabyte’s partnership with SRA OSS has been fueled by an emerging market opportunity to share YugabyteDB’s enterprise-grade relational database capabilities and horizontal scalability and cloud native resilience, along with the demand and ambition of SRA OSS to help businesses fully capitalize on database migration from legacy databases.

Both firms see a growing market opportunity for cloud-native databases in Japan. They recognize that enterprise digital transformation efforts are stalling due to the inadequacy of monolithic databases to handle scalability and availability for systems of engagement and systems of record. They also understand that SaaS providers are looking for relational databases that support horizontally scalable and multi-tenancy while their business grows.

YugabyteDB is a natural complement to SRA OSS’s existing technologies and services, as they align well with the needs of the region’s largest and most demanding transactional-driven firms, which are looking to accelerate their database modernization strategies.

What does this mean for Yugabyte and SRA OSS?

Danny Zaidifard, Vice President of Business Development & Partners at Yugabyte

Danny Zaidifard, Vice President of Business Development & Partners, Yugabyte commented, “We see significant market opportunity as many organizations in the region are now rapidly accelerating their database modernization plans. Japan has proven to be an innovative, early-adopter economy, and we are delighted to work with the country’s leading PostgreSQL professional consulting company, SRA OSS, who are our ideal partner for this market.”

Kaoru Inaba, President, SRA OSS, commented, “We are very pleased to build our partnership in Japan with Yugabyte, a leader in distributed SQL databases. Most enterprises are facing scalability and availability challenges in monolithic relational databases, and we have high expectations for YugabyteDB, which meets these enterprise database demands.”

“We also expect Yugabyte Voyager, the end-to-end database migration solution for YugabyteDB, to accelerate our collaborative business,” Kaoru Inaba further said.

One of Yugabyte’s 2023 goals is to expand further into important new geographic markets, fuelling the company’s growth across Japan. Globally, Yugabyte completed a Series C funding round for $188 million in October 2021, which valued the business at more than $1.3 billion.

Yugabyte officially established its Japan business in October 2021 and has since been accelerating its growth in the region. The organisation’s go-to-market strategy primarily includes the appointment of complementary strategic partners in the region.