Yahoo partners with Brightcove to power its video streaming worldwide

Brightcove, one of the most trusted streaming tech companies, announced an agreement where global media and tech giant Yahoo will leverage and broadly integrate Brightcove’s award-winning streaming technology platform across its portfolio of digital properties.

Why did Yahoo onboard Brightcove’s solution?

As the exclusive streaming tech provider for Yahoo, Brightcove will power its video streaming from end to end, supporting its massive and growing consumer demand. Chosen for Brightcove’s ability to deliver globally at scale with the highest quality and security, Brightcove tech will ensure reliable, streamlined, and cost-efficient streaming operations for Yahoo.

Yahoo and its entities encompass a wide-ranging media empire, including news, sports, and entertainment, and serve users across the globe. That said, the company needed a scalable and reliable technology solution to help power its streaming content and to augment, and in some cases replace, its in-house video capabilities and supporting infrastructure.

“As Yahoo continues to grow and deliver more content, it was imperative for us to find a solution that could handle our global reach and deliver the highest level of performance for our users,” said Matt Sanchez, President & General Manager, Home Ecosystem at Yahoo.

Matt Sanchez, President & General Manager, Home Ecosystem at Yahoo
Matt Sanchez, President & General Manager, Home Ecosystem at Yahoo

“Brightcove’s platform offers superior scale and performance, and their team is continuously innovating products to deliver the best user experience and meet our business objectives.”

Yahoo selected Brightcove as their official streaming partner because the company:

  • Demonstrated a proven track record of scale and performance
  • Identified savings in the existing streaming technology stack
  • Provided market-proven solutions to support current and projected video traffic
  • Easily integrated into the current monetization stack and player experiences
  • Offers the ability to increase advertising yield and boost revenue performance

Brightcove’s groundbreaking technical solutions will provide Yahoo with an optimized video-on-demand (VOD) publishing and delivery workflow, live streaming and linear capabilities, monetization solutions, as well as an industry-leading player and app framework.

What does the partnership mean for Brightcove?

“As a trusted brand delivering massive amounts of video content to consumers globally, we are thrilled to welcome Yahoo to the Brightcove family. This partnership reinforces our work to achieve our vision of being the world’s most trusted streaming technology company,” commented Marc DeBevoise, Chief Executive Officer and Board Director of Brightcove.

Marc DeBevoise, Chief Executive Officer at Brightcove
Marc DeBevoise, Chief Executive Officer at Brightcove

“Shifting digital landscapes and technological advancements are placing media companies in a unique position where they must balance growing operations to a mass, global scale while ensuring resource optimization, financial sustainability, and profitability,” said DeBevoise.

“Our platform will help Yahoo meet its business goals by supporting this balance. Our service will enhance their consumers’ overall experience with the best-in-class and highest quality, most scalable, and secure streaming technology platform,” DeBevoise further commented.

Yahoo adds to Brightcove’s roster of media entities who rely on their best-in-class tech, including AMC Networks, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, Cox Media Group, Forbes, The Metropolitan Opera, Sky, and many more.

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