CBL Auctions to offer a fair platform for scaling carbon credit transactions

Russell Karas, Head of Carbon Market Development at Xpansiv

Xpansiv, the market-infrastructure platform for environmental commodities, launched CBL Auctions. As the largest carbon-offset exchange, Xpansiv market CBL offers real-time insight into voluntary carbon, including quotes, portfolio tracking, charting, OTC trading, and an electronic auction service that helps project developers earn top dollar for carbon credits.

What does CBL Auction mean for project developers?

“CBL is the first platform to integrate with 24 registries and offer over 200 environmental spot commodities on a single screen. Now with CBL Auctions, participants can choose from a variety of auction types, leveraging CBL’s infrastructure for credits and payment transfers. We make it easy to customize your delivery terms, or you can use standardized instruments to simplify the process,” said Russell Karas, Xpansiv Head of Carbon Market Development.

“CBL Auctions will help us market projects that bring substantial benefits to the environment and impact investment for local communities,” commented Federico Ortiz Mejia, Director of Terra Commodities, the first project developer to participate in CBL Auctions.

“The Condoto REDD+ project is in Colombia’s Chocó Darien Global Ecoregion, a mega-diverse tropical rainforest ecosystem considered a Global Biodiversity Hotspot—one of 25 locations prioritized for conservation due to high biodiversity and deforestation threats.”

What is the purpose of Xpansiv’s CBL Auctions?

CBL Auctions is designed to streamline the process of marketing and selling carbon credits. Participants can connect to thousands of CBL carbon clients, concentrate on predetermined liquidity events, and capture and report auction data to improve price discovery.

The project includes Verra’s Climate, Community, and Biodiversity (CCB) standards as well as vital Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as poverty alleviation and the implementation of socially and economically sustainable development options for communities in the region. The project will go to auction early Q1, offering vintage years 2019–2021, with 350K–400K tons offered. More project information can be found here.

The news follows the launch of the Sustainable Development Global Emissions Offset™ (SD-GEO™), a carbon-offset contract that is a benchmark for participants to transact high-quality offsets from projects that also deliver high social impact. The SD-GEO allows for delivery of cookstove projects with a minimum of five SDGs from the Verra or Gold Standard registries.