x15ventures partners with Red Marker for Artificial Intelligence in marketing

Kimbra Neilson, Chief Risk and Operations Officer at x15 Ventures

x15ventures has engaged Red Marker and its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered marketing compliance platform, to automate the compliance review of venture marketing in real time.

x15ventures provides funding, guidance, access to the customer base and distribution networks of Australia’s leading bank, to deliver digital solutions that are reshaping banking.

Why is x15ventures embracing Red Marker?

With six ventures launched and an active pipeline of new ventures, it is imperative that marketing across x15ventures’ portfolio is compliant with regulatory and brand requirements.

“Reviewing marketing content for multiple ventures is a costly and time-intensive exercise.”

“By collaborating with Red Marker, it will enable us to scale our venture marketing while managing risk,” said x15ventures Head of Risk and Controls Kimbra Neilson.

“Red Marker’s content review automation and custom risk detection will support x15ventures in regulatory and brand risk, while improving the efficiency of the review process.”

“Red Marker works with financial services institutions locally and globally, and we’re excited to collaborate with a great team, who are committed to solutions in RegTech,” she said.

Red Marker welcomes x15ventures’ portfolio

Red Marker COO Mark Wood said working with x15ventures was a fantastic opportunity.

“Just like x15ventures who are bringing new digital solutions to make people’s lives easier, Red Marker is changing the way legal risk detection for marketing content is delivered.”

“Using ML and natural language processing, we can help x15ventures identify and analyse digital content for risk, and set up automated controls to prevent misleading promotions and high-risk content, while streamlining their marketing compliance across their portfolios.”

“Red Marker has provided x15ventures with our core offering.”

“The marketing content review automation software, with custom-built rules will look for industry-specific and client-specific risks in content across all digital channels.”

“We have the capacity to offer automated content compliance review and custom risk detection to any organisation across a diverse range of industries, including retail banking, insurance, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, financial advice, and food and beverage,” he said.

Red Marker and x15ventures began working together in April, with x15ventures anticipating to rollout the processes and technology to its existing ventures.