World View appoints Dale Hipsh as President of Tourism and Exploration

Dale Hipsh, President of Tourism and Exploration at World View

On the heels of its entrance into the space tourism industry, World View, the leader in stratospheric exploration has appointed Dale Hipsh as President of Tourism and Exploration.

After spending the last 35 years building a legacy of excellence in the hospitality industry and crafting bespoke guest experiences across the globe, the former Senior Vice President of Hotels at Hard Rock International takes on the final frontier, the edge of space.

His appointment marks a critical milestone in World View’s mission, aiming to build extra ordinary space tourism experiences that empower guests to rediscover Earth.

World View to reap from Dale’s industry expertise

During his tenure with Hard Rock International, Hipsh is credited as an industry visionary, responsible for leading the brand’s rapid global expansion for over a decade.

Dale Hipsh’s highly innovative perspective, strategic thinking and commitment to authenticity have helped to create unparalleled hospitality destinations in Ibiza, Spain, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Goa, India, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Dalian and China.

He brings this same passion and ingenuity to World View. Helming all space tourism and hospitality operations, he will help guide engineering and design efforts as well as strategic partnership development to ensure an unparalleled guest journey with World View.

Ryan Hartman, the President and CEO of World View said, “At World View, our ethos is to inspire, create and explore new perspectives for a radically improved future.”

“Dale’s expertise in high-end customer engagement, experience in hospitality and approach to the guest experience are key to crafting a transformational journey for our guests.”

“As President of Tourism and Exploration he is pivotal in helping us realize our mission.”

Hipsh has persisted as a trendsetter, dreaming avant garde travel destinations and experiences into reality including Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, Grand Hyatt Wailea and Hard Rock hotels across the globe including Hard Rock Hotel New York set to open this April.

World View plots global heist

As World View continues to pioneer the rapidly evolving space tourism and high-altitude observation industries, Hipsh will serve as a key member of the team, developing a hospitality strategy from the spaceports on the ground to its onboard capsule amenities.

“I am honored to join World View as it embarks upon this transformational venture.”

“Some of the greatest moments of my career have been pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible in hospitality. Now, we are reimagining the way people perceive our planet.”

“Therefore, I eagerly look forward to working with these brilliant minds and being a part of this vision in order to build a better world for future generations,” said Hipsh.

Before working with Hard Rock International, Hipsh served in leadership roles for Hyatt Hotels Corporation; The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC and Sun International.

World View’s appointee’s long stretch to success

However, Dale Hipsh’s journey began much earlier, through learning the finer points of the industry while at his family’s hospitality operations in Florida and Nevada.

After graduating from Florida State University, he tirelessly worked his way up from housekeeping to a C-suite executive, cultivating a passion for crafting immersive experiences and providing superior service at every level of the guest experience.

World View’s space tourism program will begin commercial flights in 2024 with voyages taking off from one of the world’s wonders like the Grand Canyon and Great Barrier Reef.

Flights will lift eight participants and two World View crew members in a zero pressure stratospheric balloon and pressurized space capsule to 100,000 feet altitude, nearly 23 miles above Earth, for a transformative experience that will last six to twelve hours.

Flight will have dining and drinks, luxurious, ergonomic seating and huge viewing windows.

Participants will fully experience and immerse themselves in the beauty, fragility, history and importance of the areas surrounding each location and of the Earth itself.