World Triathlon announces Corpay as its official FX payments supplier

Corpay, a FLEETCOR® brand and global firm in business payments, announced that Corpay’s Cross-Border business has entered into an agreement with World Triathlon, the worldwide governing body of international triathlon and its related multi-sports to become their Official Foreign Exchange (FX) Payments Supplier. As part of this partnership, Corpay Cross-Border has also been named an Official World Triathlon Supplier and Official Event Supplier.

What does Corpay bring to the partnership?

World Triathlon, along with the World Triathlon ecosystem of National Federations, corporate business partners and sponsors will be able to gain access to and utilise Corpay’s solutions to help mitigate their foreign exchange exposure. Also, Corpay Cross-Border’s platform will enable eligible companies to manage their global payments from a single point of access.

“We are thrilled to partner with Corpay as part of our efforts to diversify our exposure and range of business partners. World Triathlon continues to offer more prize money at more events across more territories than ever before, and having Corpay as a partner at the heart of that side of the organisation will make those payments more effective and efficient, both literally and financially,” said World Triathlon Head of Marketing & Commercial, Kris Gemmell.

What does the appointment mean for Corpay?

Brad Loder, Vice President, Cross-Border Marketing, Corpay Cross-Border Solutions
Brad Loder, Vice President Cross-Border Marketing, Corpay Cross-Border Solutions

“The team at Corpay is honoured to be named the Official FX Payments Supplier for World Triathlon. As we grow the Corpay brand across the globe, we are excited by the opportunity to align with a globally recognized and respected organization such as World Triathlon,” said Brad Loder, Vice President, Cross-Border Marketing, Corpay Cross-Border Solutions.

“I am confident that World Triathlon and their broad network of National Federations and business partners will benefit from access to our comprehensive cross-border payments and FX risk management solutions, along with our experience gained within the world of sports.”