WorkJam announces strategic deal with National Retail Association

Andrew Myers, Managing Director APAC at WorkJam

WorkJam, the digital workplace for firms with frontline employees, announced a strategic partnership with retail body National Retail Association. It aims to keep Aussie retailers across the latest innovations in workplace management tech and will see them deliver events, networking events, thought leadership and awards ceremonies to acknowledge excellence.

What is the market offering of WorkJam?

With employee attitudes rapidly shifting across the retail industry, the need for modern communication tools has never been more apparent. Employee engagement and satisfaction play a critical role in retaining talent and strengthening our nation’s frontline. WorkJam enables operational efficiencies, collaboration, employee engagement and higher retention by equipping frontline workers and head office employees with state-of-the-art solutions.

WorkJam assists in scheduling, training, task management workflows, and real-time communications – all through a single app. Nearly 500,000 Australian employees are already using WorkJam to manage their work schedules, develop their skills and grow their careers. 

What were the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

On the changing retail landscape, National Retail Association CEO Dominique Lamb says, “The pandemic has ushered in a change in work style preferences. For Australia’s frontline workers, working from home is not an option – so allowing employees to have flexibility and control over their work schedules is paramount to both physical and mental health.”

“WorkJam offers a unique and innovative way for frontline workers to determine the number of shifts they work, where they work and when they train.  WorkJam also improves communication and efficiency between the frontline and managers, with targeted communications. It’s a significant step forward for our industry,” Lamb further commented.

On the partnership, WorkJam Managing Director APAC Andrew Myers says “The team at WorkJam is proud to partner with the National Retail Association. We look forward to delivering impactful content and events that progress the retail industry along with the frontline digital workplace sector and improve the lives of Australia’s frontline workers.”

“Frontline employees are the lifeblood of our nation. Without them, our economy would crumble. Their wellbeing is and should always remain our number one priority,” Myers said.

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