WorkJam signs its first pet retailer Petstock Group to its APAC portfolio

WorkJam, the digital frontline workplace, announced the first pet retailer partnership in its APAC portfolio, Petstock Group. Petstock Group owns and operates the leading retail brand Petstock as well as the affiliated brands Caribu, Total Animal Supplies and Diggiddy Doggy Daycare, with the network expanding to about 300 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Why did Petstock onboard WorkJam’s solution?

WorkJam’s solution will see improvements to the Petstock Group’s communication, learning and assessment knowledge centre, task management tools and IO composer, which will enable real-time communication, task assignment and analytics. By digitising frontline activities and streamlining processes, the Petstock Group will maximise customer service efficiency, benefiting their valued customers and team members across their brands.

MD of Petstock Group, David Young, says the partnership will solve inefficiencies caused by the current multiple systems they have in place and aid in business growth. “We have over 5,000 team members and we’re expanding. We’re excited to partner with WorkJam that will help better support our frontline team and optimise our business growth,” David Young said.

What does the partnership mean for WorkJam?

WorkJam’s Asia Pacific Managing Director, Andrew Myers
Andrew Myers, Managing Director for APAC at WorkJam

WorkJam’s Asia Pacific Managing Director, Andrew Myers, commented, “WorkJam is thrilled to expand our portfolio within the APAC region to include a leader in the pet industry.”

“Petstock has a real desire to elevate its customer experience by supporting its employee experience, making the frontline associates happier and more engaged. This will ultimately drive better business results for their brands, and we’re excited to be part of that project.”

Petstock Group anticipates onboarding WorkJam between mid-April to late May.