WMH expands to APAC to deliver more robust and dynamic solutions

Shinsuke Kafuku, Chief Executive Officer and President of WMH Group
Shinsuke Kafuku, Chief Executive Officer and President of WMH Group

Japanese retail solutions provider World Mode Holdings (WMH) Group has set up an Asia Pacific (APAC) arm as part of an accelerated expansion plan across the globe. With the Asia Pacific arm mirroring capabilities of its Japanese parent, World Mode Holdings is now in a significantly stronger position to serve up integrated retail solutions in the region.

What does the expansion mean for WMH Group?

Set to elevate retail solutions in APAC, World Mode Holdings APAC‘s services mirror those offered by its Japanese parent. WMH APAC has bases in a total of five countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Australia. On top of solutions to address human resource, training, and operations, WMH APAC is also equipped to consult on digital marketing, e-commerce, CRM, retail tech, and visual merchandising as part of its integrated solutions.

“The luxury industry in APAC is bouncing back even stronger in many aspects than before COVID-19. More retail brands have also eagerly entered SEA as luxury consumers balloon in numbers and spending power. Hence, there is a huge demand for high-standard retail solutions to resolve the customer experience (CX) challenges of today,” Mr. Shinsuke Kafuku, CEO and President of WMH Group, shared about the establishment of WMH APAC.

Mr. Shinsuke added that for Southeast Asia (SEA), due to systematic and cultural diversity, there is also a real need for solutions which can achieve standardisation for swift scaling and business growth, while leaving room for detailed customisations specific to in-market needs.

The establishment of WMH APAC is proof of its commitment to serving and growing with the retail industry. As the fashion and beauty sectors see major shifts and transformations, it is crucial for retailers to keep up with trends. This includes the adoption of practices such as personalised CX, augmented reality, and sustainability-driven efforts to remain competitive.

What is the mission behind the expansion?

Commenting on the expansion, Angeline Yap, Director of WMH APAC, said, “Our core goal is to raise industry standards, and we do this by supplementing teams with operational capabilities and adequate skills development to drive memorable customer experiences.”

“We’re a leader on the talent development front – supporting and grooming talent by imparting expert knowledge, technical skills, soft skills, and other transferrable skills.”

Through skills certification, World Mode Holdings APAC incentivises employees to undergo training and upskilling through certification. This is particularly key to propelling the retail workforce to meet dynamic market demands and various changes to come.

What does WMH bring to the Asia Pacific?

Thanks to its expertise in various components of the retail, beauty, and fashion industries, and corresponding consultancy services, World Mode Holdings APAC brings to the table holistic integrated solutions that meet the many demands of clients and end-customers.


Recruitment remains a core service of WMH APAC. Its job portal MyBRANDS has been serving fashion and beauty retailers in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and will soon have a presence in other countries in APAC. Through WMH APAC, MyBRANDS aims to expand its candidate database across markets. The mission is to groom the next generation of the retail workforce, eventually connecting qualified job applicants with potential employers globally.


To elevate the calibre of the workforce in APAC, World Mode Holdings APAC presents Mode Academy, built to deliver its education and training component. Ever evolving factors such as clients’ needs, customer journeys, shopping habits, retail touchpoints, and any limitations inform the ways the training framework and curricula are crafted at Mode Academy.

Through research and blended learning, Mode Academy aims to establish a benchmark for service excellence in the fashion and beauty industry. It works as a job-skills integrator to help employees achieve continuous employability with regularly updated and upgraded skills.


Delivering effective retail solutions at scale, WMH APAC offers human-centric services to enhance CX and productivity. For instance, WMH Group has been managing stores of luxury brands and, based on its know-how, offers quality store operation management services.

Creative visual merchandising is also one of the services that World Mode Holdings APAC now boasts. Thanks to the Group’s decades of experience at the frontline in stores and ongoing field research, brick-and-mortar retailers can expect creative solutions that take into consideration store front aesthetics and functionality, marketing, and human resource. The result is a delightful customer experience complemented by robust backend support.


CX solutions are only possible due to the seamless fusion of fashion and tech. WMH APAC works with partners to strengthen customer engagement and maximise retail sales by offering CX-enhancing tech. For instance, physical stores can take advantage of tech such as heat maps, digital colour matching, and business intelligence systems to analyse in-store and backend data in an integrated manner, transcending silos and fortifying business strategy.