WLA renews grants for Aboriginal and Torres Strait leadership development

Suzi Finkelstein, Chief Executive Officer at Women & Leadership Australia

For a fifth straight year, Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) has renewed attendance grants to support leadership development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in Australia.

What will the grant be used for?

Valued at over $60,000 in total, the grants will be offered to current and aspiring women leaders to attend a national series of Symposium events focused on the experiences of women in the contemporary workforce. There are a total of 32 attendance tickets on offer for the ‘in-person’ Symposiums and 18 tickets available for the online Symposium.

In light of the recently announced National Roadmap for Indigenous Skills, Jobs and Wealth Creation, the role of the Women & Leadership Australia grants is to ensure views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are represented at the events and to help support the development of strong and effective leadership across Australia’s Indigenous communities.

The Women & Leadership Australia grants will be awarded to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women leaders who play active roles at community, local and state levels, and who would be unable to attend the Symposiums due to a lack of funding or employer support.

What has been the impact of the WLA program to date?

“We launched the first full attendance grants for our Symposiums in 2018, in response to  the wonderful NAIDOC theme that year ‘Because of her, we can.’ Since then, we have had significantly higher representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women at our Symposiums,” said Women & Leadership Australia Chief Executive Officer, Suzi Finkelstein.

“We recognise that we all have a role to ensure more equitable access to leadership and development opportunities, and we are proud to play a role in this through our grants.”

Kat Henaway, Indigenous Engagement Advisor of Women & Leadership Australia and Founder and CEO of Women’s Business adds that, “supporting Women & Leadership Australia over the past few years has been a profoundly motivating and empowering experience for me.”

“I saw first-hand how quickly WLA increased representation of Indigenous speakers and created more access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to attend their events and leadership programs. It’s been quite outstanding to see how swiftly and effectively an organisation can ramp up diversity and inclusion – without any fuss,” Kat further commented.

“If only more firms could take WLA’s lead! Having attended four Symposiums and the Advanced Leadership Program, I can’t thank WLA enough for opening doors for many more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to grow in their leadership journey.”