Sydney startup Meetric makes ineffective meetings a thing of the past

Have you ever been to a work meeting only to leave wondering where the notes are, what the next steps were and who was managing what tasks?

Sydney startup Meetric is  changing the meeting game with its digital platform.

Incubated through Antler in April 2020, Meetric has one clear goal, to help the world have better, more effective meetings.

From calendar and video conferencing integrations, agenda preparation, and note-taking, to meeting timers, shared to-do lists and email reminders, Meetric’s focus on meeting accountability transforms the way businesses across the globe host meetings.

By connecting with Google Calendar, Meetric also enables users to have one clear reference point for all of their meetings notes, with notes linked directly to events in a user’s calendar.

While regular meetings are riddled with communication problems like poor agenda prep, notes everywhere and unclear next steps, Meetric provides a tool to streamline these problems through shareable, traceable and actionable meeting notes.

The key features of the Meetric platform include

Capturing meeting notes: 

The platform allows users to easily capture notes in real-time with others in the meeting (just like a Google Docs) or privately. Notes can be viewed through the platform and user’s calendars, as well the option to email them to all participants at the end of a meeting.

Shared to – do list

Alongside notes, tasks with deadlines can be assigned to any meeting participants. Reminders are sent directly to individuals to hold team members accountable and ensure tasks are completed on time.

Meeting history: 

Related meetings are linked together (for example, recurring meetings or 1-1s), making it simple to refer back to past meetings and see what actions are still outstanding, so nothing gets lost.

Built for meetings:

Unlike traditional note-taking and task management tools, Meetric is built for the purpose of meetings: it can import the agenda, display the guest list, suggest an icebreaker, keep track of time and more!

Works with the tools you already use:

Through its Chrome extension, users can access their Meetric meeting notes and tasks directly in Google Calendar or live in a Google Meet or a Microsoft Team meeting without switching windows.

Paul Boudet, co-founder and CEO of Meetric says “Meetric is the missing thing in your calendar. For a given event, your calendar will tell you who will be there (guest list), where it’ll be hosted (location/video link) and why you’re meeting (description/agenda).

“But there’s one important missing piece — the ‘what’: what actually happened in the meeting — the key points in the conversations, the decisions made and the next steps.”

“Calendars help us prepare for meetings but don’t help us run or follow-up on them. Meetric is that missing piece.”

“Other meeting tools focus on transcription as being the next big thing to transform workplace meetings, but for 90% of them, we believe transcription is not the answer.”

“Transcribing a 1h meeting into a 10-page document doesn’t improve clarity and accountability – but writing the key things down, for everyone to see, does.”

“We’ve all heard this before “If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen”, that’s very true in meetings.” Meetric is a Google verified app partner and is currently available for free.

Slack & Microsoft integrations are planned for late 2021.