Wired hands recruitment power to the Aussie people with $10,000 incentive

Angela Hampton, Founder & Managing Director of The Wired Agency

While The Wired Agency [‘Wired’] is having a record year for revenue and retention, they’re far from immune when it comes to the dire skills shortage situation facing Aussie businesses.

How is Wired spicing up recruitment?

But rather than continue with standard recruitment processes, Wired has mixed things up in a big way with the launch of Recruit your mates’. Designed to remove as many barriers as possible when it comes to finding good talent, Recruit your mates takes a direct approach to recruitment by offering an incentive to anyone who recommends successful candidates.

There’s no limitations to who can put forward candidates and if they’re successful, they get a wad of cash – $10,000 in fact! “We’ve had roles open for months now so we needed to try something different”, explains Wired’s Founder & Managing Director, Angela Hampton.

“Our business is doing great but because we’ve struggled to find good talent, we’ve turned down more than a million dollars worth of new business this year alone.” explains Angela.

Recruit your mates is simple, find the role you’d like to put your mate forward for on the landing page on Wired’s website and include their name, contact details and the role you’re nominating them for. They’ll need your approval beforehand! If you think you’re the person for one of the roles, nominate yourself! If you get the gig, you’ll get the choice of either a $10,000 sign-on bonus or an increase of $10,000 to your salary package for the first year.

What are the open positions at Wired?

Wired has six full-time roles currently open including:

  • Social Media Executive (on-page)
  • Social Media Specialist (off-page)
  • Social Media Account Manager
  • Digital Performance Account Manager
  • Digital Designer
  • Campaign Manager Home to Australia’s most popular brands such as Pizza Hut, Chatime, Indeed, Georg Jensen, and Assembly Label.

What are worker incentives at Wired?

Some of Wired’s key people-first related initiatives include:

  • Wired Connect – work anywhere in the world
  • F**k yeah Fridays finish your priorities and knock off whenever you want every Friday
  • Supercharged leave – now includes unlimited period/pregnancy leave, unlimited mental health days and unlimited doona days
  • Wired Wellness: Our mental and physical health program with unlimited counselling
  • Wired to You – an holistic program tailored to every individual’s personal needs
  • Expanded Culture Club – ‘Dare to Try’ award, Team Green, secret pick-me ups, and extra ReWired events (social activities)

Wired is an award-winning agency with a people-first culture. The agency’s purpose is to Move humanly by specialising in strategy and content, social, placement & partnerships.