New .au domain: Why businesses should have top-level domains

New .au domain names are now available in Australia as of March 24th, where people will be able to buy .au domains without the .com, .org or .net for the very first time. Prior to the launch of this .au top-level domain, more than 15,000 Australian websites – including e-commerce, major news sites and government department pages – were taken offline.

95% of consumers consider ccTLDs to be most trustworthy in regions where they are used, according to research. Having a trusted ccTLD (country-code top-level domain) in the same location the business is based will help gain clients trust, helping maintain loyalty.

5 reasons why Aussie businesses should use .au domain

Here are five reasons why businesses should opt for a country top-level domain:

Businesses can attract local markets

Having a trusted CLTD enhances customer loyalty and trust and is particularly useful if you’re a business looking to attract local clients. For instance, if you’re an Australian-based startup looking to take on Australian clients for the time being, the new .au domain in your address will indicate to prospective clients the sort of market that you’re after.

Brings customer loyalty and trust

If you’re an e-commerce business operating in Australia, this new domain will generate customer trust if one is not looking to buy products from overseas. In other words, the customer may feel more safe purchasing products from your website due to its local name.

There is a psychology behind this in the sense it shows that users are more willing to support a business if the particular company shares the same values as them.

Good for Search Engine Optimisation Purposes

The new .au domain will help to validate the exact country your business is based in and this is beneficial for SEO purposes. Google targets local domains when it comes to formulating rankings and will place priority over ranking local IP addresses to serve the client’s needs.

For example, if you’re a gift shop business in Australia and an Australian customer searches for “gift shops”, the chances are your business will get ahead of the numerous other Australian gift shops due to your website address having the new domain.

Helps to target customers easier

If you are a business targeting a particular country but your domain is located in another country, this can send mixed signals to your target demographic. For businesses selling items such as clothes, shoes, electricals, operating in your target market country will reassure clients they can return their goods with ease, as opposed to sending items across the world.

72.1% of consumers spend most of their time on websites in their own language and 72.4% said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language.


Whilst businesses may want to buy a quirky domain name to stand out, they will often be unavailable. Short and SEO friendly domain names tend to be generic domain names such as .com or .net and even if they are available they usually are unreasonably expensive.

Whereas with ccTLDs you are less likely to have this issue. If a business wants to a certain domain not available with .com, they can use alternatives such as .co, .it, .de, or .es.


Sam O’Brien is the Chief Marketing Officer at Affise.