WestRock joins hands with Wagner Logistics to reduce occupancy rates

WestRock, a provider of sustainable paper and packaging solutions, chose U.S. warehousing and logistics management firm, Wagner Logistics, to negotiate a cost-optimizing lease for their 160,000 square foot California warehouse and manage paper handling operations.

What does the partnership mean for WestRock?

WestRock has been a sustainable packaging provider since 2015, when shortly thereafter company executives selected Wagner Logistics to house, handle and distribute roll stock paper and corrugate for the company. Wagner has also engaged with WestRock to transport materials across several distribution points across the U.S. Most recently, WestRock saved approximately 20% on occupancy costs based on the building owner’s quoted market value.

Commenting on the partnership, Brett Weaver, Warehouse Procurement Manager, WestRock, said, “Wagner proactively anticipated the service contract renewal for our Northern California facility, and negotiated a deal to extend our current rent price at a discount–even though the market for real estate had nearly tripled since we went into the space. The Wagner team’s negotiation of our new lease also included facility improvements to maximize efficiency.”

What is the market offering of Wagner Logistics?

Headquartered in North Kansas City, Mo. Wagner provides top performing warehousing and logistics services for companies throughout the U.S. that make non-hazmat products. From handling desk lamps to ammunition, Wagner provides industry-related counsel, along with a well-trained and experienced team that safely and successfully handles a variety of products, including eight-thousand pound rolls of paper, by reducing costs and maximizing productivity.

To learn more about ways Wagner optimized WestRock’s warehouse efficiency, click here to visit Wagner Logistics. Wagner Logistics manages more than 7 million square feet of U.S. distribution space across 24 markets, including Indianapolis; Dallas; Cleveland; Chicago (coming soon); Milwaukee (coming soon); Jacksonville, Fla.; Charlotte; Los Angeles, Stockton and Tracy, Calif.; Detroit; and its corporate headquarters in Kansas City, Mo.