WeQual recognizes eight exceptional business women in the APAC region

Katie Litchfield, Founder of WeQual

Eight talented businesswomen, holding prominent executive roles in leading firms listed across the APAC, have been named winners in the WeQual Awards. The WeQual Awards were created to accelerate gender parity at the top of the largest companies in the world. Over 35% of WeQual Awards winners are at global executive committee level, and over 50% of the category winners of our first awards have made it to the top – with one chief executive.

Who were the winners of the awards?

The 8 category winners of the WeQual Awards, Asia-Pacific, 2022, are:

What was the selection criteria?

All entries for the WeQual Awards are anonymously assessed, meaning that our assessors see neither their name nor the firm they work for. After the assessment, the 24 finalists are appraised by one of our executive interviewers before eight category winners are chosen.

Katie Litchfield, Founder of WeQual, said: “WeQual’s mission is to achieve corporate gender parity. The WeQual Awards are designed to identify, celebrate and encourage talented women who are ready and willing to take the next step to Group Executive Committee level.”

WeQual’s Executive Interviewers include:

There are now more than 160 major companies worldwide that can boast a WeQual Award finalist – known as WeQual Alumni – among their senior leadership.