WePower partners Apollo Africa with renewable energy market platform

Nick Martyniuk, Chief Executive Officer, WePower

Apollo Africa announced its partnership with global energy technology company WePower in additison to the development of its Apollo Platform, subject to normal regulatory approvals.

The partnership will accelerate energy transition in the South African renewable energy market.

Harnessing the WePower and Apollo Africa partnership

Apollo Africa is offering the Apollo Platform, powered by WePower technologies, to IPPs in South Africa and across the African continent to deliver green energy to all customers.

The platform will connect IPPs directly to consumers, large and small, through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) entirely executed on the user-friendly digital platform.

All transactions are backed by public blockchain ledger technology, to create and store immutable records, verifiable by all parties, thus ensuring a high level of trust.

REP Developments, a South African firm specialised in sustainable development, management and ownership of small-scale wind and solar farms, will be the first mover Independent Power Producer to enter into blockchain backed energy trades through the Apollo Platform.

REP Developments will utilise the Apollo Platform to drive innovation in the renewable energy sector to meet its own mission of accelerating South Africa’s transition to renewable energy.

WePower and Apollo Africa target regulatory changes

Opportunities were created from regulatory changes in the South African energy market.

Apollo Africa’s Managing Partner Jenna Harris said, “We are very excited to engage in a partnership with WePower to accelerate the energy transition in the Southern Africa market.”

“Renewable energy generation licensing regulation relaxations facilitate and empower the private sector to step in and get involved in transforming and growing this vital sector.”

“Renewable energy producers can sell directly to single or multiple customers.”

“Energy consumers in Southern Africa will now make choices about where their energy comes from and therefore will give them options to source cleaner and more affordable energy.”

Speaking on the Apollo Africa partnership, WePower CEO Nick Martyniuk said, “We are very excited to continue expanding our technology globally through partners like Apollo Africa.”

“We want to accelerate the energy transition globally and we’re thrilled to be a part of the transition in South Africa. As the renewable energy market grows in South Africa, the Apollo Platform will be instrumental in expanding access to renewable energy for all consumers.”

The Apollo Africa team has plans in place to expand its reach into Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique, thus further igniting the energy transition for the African continent.