WePower launches sustainability tracking and reporting solution, Incite

Kaspar Kaarlep, Chief Technical Officer at WePower,

International renewable energy SaaS platform leader, WePower, has announced the launch of the company’s product Incite, a ground breaking sustainability tracking and reporting solution.

As corporate sustainability targets continue to come under increasing scrutiny, Incite, an enterprise-facing platform informs, guides and reports on corporate sustainability strategies.

Uniqueness of WePower’s Incite solution

Incite leverages blockchain technology to track any energy source to origin like electricity, water, wind, fuel, recycling, waste management and calculates sustainable impact for business.

Businesses will be able to benefit from full value analysis covering green energy procurement and management, to energy consumption tracking and accurate sustainability reporting.

As Incite tracks the energy use to its origin, businesses can report precise percentages of environmental impact for specific operations and transparently certify sustainability levels.

WePower Chief Technical Officer, Kaspar Kaarlep is confident about the product.

“Transparent sustainability reporting has been a significant challenge for even the biggest businesses and providing a solution to this challenge is what inspired us to create Incite.”

“With Incite we are enabling businesses to put substance behind their sustainability pledges, to know precisely where they are on that journey and where they need to invest to improve.”

“It’s only through having this complete and accurate picture that realistic KPIs can be set and genuine corporate sustainability progress can be achieved,” said Kaspar Kaarlep.

WePower’s Incite set to disrupt the energy sector

Incite is customisable and scalable to capture, record and store energy use data. It processes and models it on a clear dashboard, enabling precision in sustainability analysis reports.

The platform further allows for the creation of sustainability marketplaces that enable customers and supply chain partners to collaborate on corporate sustainability strategies.

“You can’t improve anything that you can’t confidently track and measure,” Kaarlep said.

“Our technology and unique application of blockchain eliminates the uncertainty around energy and sustainability by tracking any form and volume of energy use directly to source.”

“Incite is critical for businesses in terms of backing up their sustainability pledges and championing with certainty the areas of the business that are delivering on those promises.”

Incite is the latest WePower innovation that is quickly evolving Australia’s energy sector.

The launch of Incite follows the establishment of Australia’s first digital marketplace for renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) in partnership with energy retailer Mojo.

The marketplace has simplified the renewable energy procurement process and dramatically facilitated the reduction of the cost threshold for procuring renewable energy.