Webcentral appoints Mr John Stevens as Chief Operating Officer

John Stevens, Chief Operating Officer, Webcentral Chief Operating Officer

John Stevens has been appointed as Webcentral Chief Operating Officer (COO) and brings over 30 years of industry experience, including several executive roles within telecommunications, managed services and networking companies.

As a leading customer service and operations executive, John is a passionate customer advocate, who constantly delivers outstanding results and improves the service performance through embracing both innovation and customer centred design.

Why has Webcentral appointed John Stevens as COO?

Throughout John’s executive experience he has demonstrated a team oriented approach combined with a commitment to achieving strategic business outcomes.

Accordingly, Mr Stevens has been very successful in managing operational business functions to deliver significant improvements across both service delivery and operational performance in several organisations including NBNCo, Macquarie Telecom Group and Uecomm.

John will assume the role of Chief Operations Officer (COO) in October, dedicated to achieving ongoing business improvements across the operational and service structures of the business.

John will be involved and assist Joe Demase in future acquisition opportunities including due diligence and integration programs, he will also contribute to ongoing automation activities.

Given the significant business transformation program now being implemented at Webcentral, this executive role will be pivotal to the ongoing success of the company.

Comments on Webcentral appointing John Stevens

“John is a very committed and effective executive, who employs an authentic leadership style that creates a positive and focused working environment.”

“His approach has helped him build an extensive career, with a reputation for delivering significant business results,” Managing Director Joe Demase stated.

“Having worked together at Uecomm, we are excited to welcome him to our executive team where he will share his experience and deliver service improvements for our company.”

John Stevens noted, “I am genuinely excited about the opportunity of joining Webcentral.”

“The strategy for improving the operational functions and delivering market leading customer experiences have been very important outcomes I have driven throughout my career.”

“I am looking forward to helping the company reach what I see as enormous potential.”