WA Police and Motorola deliver world-first Apple CarPlay mobile application

Mahesh Saptharishi, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions and Western Australia Police (WA Police) have delivered the world’s first public safety mobile application to operate within Apple CarPlay. The new integration extends the use of Western Australia Police’s OneForce Core application, enabling frontline officers to manage key operational workflows from within their police vehicles through CarPlay.

Drivers can use voice control features for safe operation. The tech is based on Motorola Solutions’ PSCore public safety mobile app that integrates critical operational information from multiple WA Police systems, presenting it through a single, intuitive interface.

What is the OneForce Core app?

OneForce Core is a key part of WA Police’s digital policing strategy to leverage technology to improve productivity, incident awareness and safety for officers and citizens alike.

The mobile app helps over 5,000 of WA Police’s frontline officers to work more safely every day. It is already assisting the agency’s transition to digital traffic infringement notices, removing the need to process up to 180,000 handwritten infringement notices every year.

WA Police Deputy Commissioner, Col Blanch, said the smart mobile technology helps the police force to work with improved safety and focus when responding to emergency calls.

“When police officers respond to an incident, they need accurate information to inform their decisions and keep the community safe. Since deploying OneForce Core, officers have been better informed with access to vital operational information wherever they are,” Blanch said.

“Now we’re taking the next step by extending the rich capabilities of OneForce Core into our police vehicles through the integration with CarPlay including voice controls.”

What are the benefits of Motorola’s PremierOne CAD™?

The new solution represents another milestone for WA Police since its migration to Motorola Solutions’ PremierOne Computer Aided Dispatch system in 2015. That upgrade enhanced response to incidents by providing officers with access to operational data from anywhere.

Vice president for Motorola Solutions ANZ, Con Balaskas, said mobile tech helps organisations to make better use of their valuable data sources. “By extending the reach of CAD and other critical systems with smart mobile technology, organisations can work more efficiently and make better decisions about where to place their most valuable resources.”

Mahesh Saptharishi, Motorola Solutions’ executive vice president and CTO, said WA Police’s successful mobile technology deployment reflects the company’s human-centric research and development approach that places individual users’ needs at the heart of the solution.

“When public safety professionals require access to vital, life-saving information, it must be as intuitive and frictionless as possible. By leveraging new interactions with familiar technology interfaces such as CarPlay, we remove complexity from the high-stress situations responders face and help them maintain focus on their mission,” Mahesh Saptharishi said.

“We are proud to introduce this capability, a vital part of WA Police’s digital policing strategy.”