Vistaprint selects Wix as the tech layer for its SMB clients globally

Robert Keane, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Vistaprint.

Vistaprint, the small business solution for design, print and marketing needs, and Wix, a SaaS platform to create, manage and grow an online presence, have announced a visionary integration of services and products for small businesses to accelerate their digital presence.

Vistaprint has selected Wix to power the creation and management of websites and related products for its clients to be a leading design and marketing partner for small businesses.

Vistaprint customers to utilise Wix’s creator tools

The combination of Wix and Vistaprint will increase small business success through synchronising their varying marketing strategies, both online and offline.

Clients using Vistaprint to build brands and marketing will be able to use the Wix platform to create and manage a fully customisable and comprehensive online presence for their business.

Users have the option of creating an online presence themselves using the Wix creation products or hiring an expert on creating Wix sites through 99designs by Vistaprint, the global creative platform that makes it easy for freelance designers and clients to work together.

Vistaprint customers can use the Wix eCommerce platform to grow their business like retail store, fitness studio, restaurant or event, and manage key online workflows like online marketing and communications using Ascend by Wix and payments using Wix Payments.

“This partnership between Vistaprint and Wix allows us to truly be the marketing and design partner that serves SMBs with end-to-end solutions no matter where they are in their journey, from day zero to year 10 and beyond,” said Robert Keane, Founder and CEO at Vistaprint. 

“The SMB starting point is often a logo and an online presence and quickly grows from there.”

“SMBs will be able to go to Vistaprint and get the best design for their business from our 99designs by Vistaprint service, create customised merch and marketing materials with Vistaprint, and tap into an amazing technology solution with Wix in one seamless experience.”

“We selected Wix to be our partner because of their product innovation and technology advantage to offer the best to our customers, and this combined experience with Vistaprint and Wix will ensure small businesses have everything they need to put their best foot forward.”

Wix to leverage the vast Vistaprint client base

Vistaprint has more than 17 million customers who will be introduced to Wix to create and manage their online presence while using Vistaprint tools for design and marketing solutions.

Websites built using Vistaprint’s solutions will seamlessly migrate to Wix, and this partnership is expected to deliver growth of new subscriptions to Wix within five years.

The parties also agreed to negotiate follow-on deals that will make Vistaprint a primary print partner of Wix for marketing solutions and enable customers of the joint Vistaprint and Wix offering to connect seamlessly with professional designers through 99designs by Vistaprint.

The Vistaprint x Wix integration experience will be rolled out throughout 2022.

“Wix and Vistaprint are empowering SMBs to have a complete and professional digital presence with capabilities to manage, grow and succeed,” said Nir Zohar, President and COO at Wix

“This partnership demonstrates the robustness of Wix’s products for creators.”

“Vistaprint’s robust product set attracts millions of customers looking to efficiently build their SMBs online and bring consistency to how they present themselves online and offline.”

“Just as Amazon and Google have become the tech layer for the cloud, Wix is striving to become the tech layer for digital presence, and this alliance is evidence that we are on our way.”