Virtualware joins Siemens’ JT open program to leverage JT in PLM

Virtualware joins the selected set of JT Open Program vendors who utilize the  JT Open Toolkit to remove technology barriers in the use of the JT data format for Virtual Reality, making VR accessible to companies willing to introduce VIROO in their design review processes.

VIROO is a unique VR Innovation tool that simplifies the adoption of Virtual Reality technology, providing companies and institutions the ability to leverage workforce training, engineering and design review process, and customer engagement.

What is unique about VIROO?

It gives them the ability to improve their own process by creating their own VR content. A complex process that shrinks the adoption  of VR technology.

The JT Open Program was formed by Siemens  Digital Industries Software in 2003 focused on the value in the use of a common 3D format. That format is JT.

The program now has over 100 members, including Fortune 500 corporations located around the world and leading academic institutions.

Virtualware plans to use the JT data format to make VIROO one of the most powerful VR applications on the market for advanced  project coordination in VR.

It is especially deployed in VIROO Room, the large-scale and multiuser space, that contributes to the reduction of both costs and risks, in 1:1 collaborative scale VR environment.

VIROO works with open formats to deliver 3D models and information seamlessly from any CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM applications into VIROO, reducing time, costs and risks.

How is virtualware’s adoption helping other companies?

Many companies have adopted the JT data format as a standard. JT is a common data format for enabling product visualization and information sharing between PLM software applications.

The robust functionality and lightweight nature of JT technology makes it possible to view and share product data and interactive images worldwide, in real-time and throughout all phases of the product life cycle.

Virtualware is expanding the use of VIROO by using JT Open Toolkit to minimize their client’s development efforts and maximize data compatibility, providing the JT community with access to the VR Enterprise Solution of the Year, VIROO.

Virtualware  is a unique organization pushing the boundaries  of Virtual Reality. Our purpose is to promote the vast potential of virtual reality and accelerate its adoption to help companies  and institutions create  a sustainable future that  moves society forward.

VIROO is a VR Innovation tool that places the full potential of Virtual Reality in your hands.

The Award-winning VR Enterprise Solution of The Year simplifies the adoption of Virtual Reality, giving companies and institutions the power to pursue the extraordinary by boosting innovation. Innovate in our reality, change the world.

The JT Open Program is a unique community of corporate, academic and vendor adopters of JT technology  committed to the widespread utilization of JT as the lightweight 3D format of choice for visualization, collaboration and data sharing.