Virtual bra fittings, the new way to shop for bras after a pandemic

Amazing advancements and developments have been percolating away in the innovation pipeline, despite the world grappling with a pandemic and its far-reaching ramifications.

Saluting advancements in technology, Storm in a D Cup has launched two online services to help women get the right fit on their bras: the online bra finder and virtual bra fittings.

Storm in a D Cup is Australia’s leading online retailer specialising in size D to K lingerie, sports bras, swimwear, bridal bras and accessories and shapeware. We provide the best virtual bra fittings in Australia,” said Storm in a D Cup founder, Esther Labi.

“Because of the effects of the global pandemic, everyone is now an expert at hosting and attending meetings online. Having an online bra fitting is exactly the same thing.”

“It’s a bra fitting session that’s conducted online. You can now get yourself fitted for a bra or swimwear in the comfort and privacy of your own home, at a time that suits you.”

“On the other hand, our online bra finder is a quick and convenient way to narrow down bras that are right for you. It only takes 30 seconds to find your perfect bra online.”

“These years have been a rollercoaster of lockdowns. We’ve been living under restrictions and the vast inconveniences that go along with that. We have also picked up IT skills that we didn’t have previously, and we have come up with new ideas to make our lives easier.”

New ways to shop

“It’s important to refresh your wardrobe every now and then, and making sure that your bras and underwear still fit you is part of it,” Esther explained.

“It’s been hard to go to the shop to get fitted for new bras but you can do it online no matter where you live. You now have one of the country’s best bra shops open to you 24/7.”

“It’s a change in the way women shop. Having a well-fitting bra is vital to our daily quality of life, it provides comfort and support. Every woman knows that a bad bra can ruin your day.”

“Having access to cutting edge bra services online just makes life so much easier for women.”

“Women find shopping for bras intimidating and inconvenient. It’s confronting to get fitted in store. A lot of women would prefer to have bra fittings in the privacy of their own homes.”

“You can click on the ‘Bra finder’ tab and go through the process by yourself, or if you want an even more personalised shopping session, book a virtual bra fitting session with us.”

30 second bra finder

When shopping on Storm in a D Cup, clicking on the tab on the right takes you to a 30 second quiz-style series of questions that will help women find the right bra for their needs.

It even takes into consideration your aesthetic preferences such as whether you prefer neutral shades or prints on your bras; or whether you’re looking for a bra with underwire support.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what your exact bra size is, just follow the questions and we will work that out for you,” Esther said.

“The questions are designed to follow the logic that a bra fitter uses when assessing your size.”

“Using a measuring tape only really works for A, B, C and D cups, but there are cup sizes way beyond this now, and a bra fitter fits you based on how your current bra looks.”

“After completing the questions, you will get to look at a few bras that have been picked out just for you. Then simply choose which bras you want and get them delivered to your door.”

Virtual (online) bra-fitting service

Storm in a D Cup’s virtual bra fittings are provided online over video call with WhatsApp or FaceTime. The consultation goes from 10 minutes to one hour depending on what you need.

“Simply choose the date and time that’s most convenient for you and your consultant will be available to you. We can fit both bras and swimwear online, if you cannot visit us in store.”

“When doing an online bra fitting, ensure that you have a tape measure on hand, a couple of your favourite bras and somewhere to rest your phone so you can take a few steps back.”

“For a bra for a specific top or dress, have that handy as well. After your consultation, choosing and purchasing your items, the products dispatch within hours from our store.”

Storm in a D Cup offers free postage on all orders of $100 and is the only lingerie store that will provide a prepaid return label so customers do not need to pay postage on returns.

Click and collect is also available from the store’s physical location in Bondi, Sydney.

Storm in a D Cup is Australia’s D to K cup bra specialist with a wide range of stylish and comfortable bras and have been authorised stockists and retailers of big cup bras since 2006.