VIQ Solutions unveils AccessPoint™ portal to modernize access to justice

Vahram Sukyas, Chief Technology Officer at VIQ Solutions

VIQ Solutions Inc. (VIQ), a provider of secure, AI-driven, digital voice and video capture tech and transcription services, announced the launch of AccessPoint, providing court personnel and legal professionals with instant access to court recordings through a secure, cloud-based portal. As technology plays an increasing role in transforming court workflow, courts recognize the need for innovative solutions to replace time intensive, manual processes.

What is the market offering of AccessPoint?

AccessPoint improves access to evidentiary court recordings, advances data traceability and transparency and increases collaboration for stakeholders within and outside the courtroom.

AccessPoint delivers self-guided search, request and export features to quickly access audio recordings captured during court proceedings. Advanced security settings provide granular control of authorized users and auto-logging of access and events to simplify the chain of custody tracking. AccessPoint is an integral part of VIQ Solution’s end-to-end solution suite for Courts designed to deliver secure, real-time access to high-quality recordings.

AccessPoint is complementary to CapturePro and a part of the complete VIQ Court Solution Suite. CapturePro is designed to optimize the evidentiary content presented during litigation.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the product?

“Diminishing court resources and challenging work environments drive tech innovation. The digitization and transformation of capture and management solutions are essential. The solution is a key component of our vision to provide courts with comprehensive solutions to improve efficiency and accessibility of data,” said Susan Sumner, President and COO, VIQ.

“The new capabilities in AccessPoint underscore our commitment to continuous innovation helping the world’s courts reimagine how to administer justice,” Sumner further commented.

“AccessPoint facilitates judicial transparency by providing secure access to court recordings. Authorized users can review proceedings using the built-in player without downloading a client application. Jurisdictions will save time and money as the days of manually processing orders, copying, and mailing media are over,” said Vahram Sukyas, Chief Technology Officer, VIQ.

From audio and video capture to the management of high-quality, multi-channel recordings to creating actionable electronic transcripts and providing simplified, web-based access to court records. Ultimately, the solutions provide reliable, seamless and timely access to court records – when and how stakeholders need them. For more, please visit