Vinomofo founders’ plan to save the world with a good humaning platform

Andre Eikmeier transformed Vinomofo from a garage startup into a global wine empire. He is launching his most important startup to date: new social app that empowers and gamifies good humaning through global challenges that bring people and organisations together.

How does the platform work?

In its simplest form, Good Empire allows users to participate in challenges focused on social and environmental impact. “We’re making it exciting and rewarding to take action and see your impact and share it and inspire others to do the same,” André said.

The internationally-developed platform is also inviting small and large investors to own shares in the company via an equity crowdsourced share offer managed by Birchal.

Keen interest is expected not only due to Andre Eikmeier’s track record, but also to the rise in impact-focused investors seeking to help solve the world’s most important urgent problems.

“Imagine an app where an Ice Bucket Challenge or an Earth Hour was happening every single day, with millions of people taking action and sharing, like viral TikTok challenges but having global impact toward the UN SDGs – that’s Good Empire,” said André.

“You join a challenge, take action as creatively as possible, capture it on the app, kind of like a TikTok, and share it out across socials, tagging friends and challenging them to join.”

“Good Empire measures the impact of your action in real time and also the collective impact of all the people you’ve inspired to also take action, also known as the ripple.”

“As your impact grows, you level up and unlock status, achievements, new features and even real-world rewards. You can create your own challenges and build teams and communities, and become leaders and true influencers of impact and change.”

Eikmeier hung up his CEO cap in 2018 to focus on solving a very specific problem

“How do we get the millions of individuals and organisations who care about people and planet, to act? And not just through signing petitions or making donations, but through direct actions that have measurable impact.”

“Good Empire has set 17 missions for people and planet, which its community will strive to reach by 2030. Each is aligned with one of the SDGs. Our goal is to gather, unite and empower people and organisations to achieve our missions.” says Andre Eikmeier.

From large enterprise to small businesses, schools, and clubs, it’s a simple but powerful platform to engage employees, customers and community in their social and environmental impact initiatives, and align their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy with the UN SDGs.

Fortune Global 500 firms spent over US$20 billion on CSR initiatives in 2018, and it is a growing market for companies of all sizes as investor, consumer and employee demand drives impact and inclusion to the top of the boardroom agenda.

The app will be free for individuals to join as this is critical for fast global scale. The Pro version, for organisations and their employees, will be subscription-based.

This is Good Empire’s core revenue model, which it will be targeting companies all around the world, from 2 employees to 200,000. The company believes this is not only a strong and highly scalable revenue model, but also a key user acquisition strategy.

In 2020 Good Empire undertook its first trial challenge – almost 10,000 people from 44 countries took part in the challenge – Year of the Planet. For its 2021 launch, thousands of additional people are now pre-registered, ready to download the app when it’s live.

With strong angel investors already on board, Good Empire has set an equity crowdfunding target of $1 million. “We want the people who are going to be using the app to be able to invest in it, to have ownership.”

Anyone can invest, even a few hundred dollars. Money from this seed round will help Good Empire complete the design and build of its platform, and launch it to the world in July 2021.


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