Verizon Business launches BlueJeans to enable next generation mobility

Eric Spadafora, Vice President & General Manager, BlueJeans by Verizon

Verizon Business announced new BlueJeans Meetings features for iPadOS, iOS and Android to support the reality of today’s mobile workforce. A new device partnership and applications aim to unlock the Verizon Mobile Edge Compute for real-time video collaboration on the go.

Keeping teams connected in a hybrid work world requires productive mobile meeting tools.

Mobile meetings may involve executives presenting while on the road, retail employees calling into a cross-store meeting, or facility/warehouse managers checking in on production.

Verizon Business is providing a consistent, full-featured meeting solution from any device regardless of location is to help in unlocking business success without boundaries.

With new BlueJeans Mobile features and increased support for network edge-based video delivery on mobile devices, Verizon Business is driving real-time video collaboration, remote assistance and more to meet every distributed business need.

“Long gone are the days of expecting all meeting attendees to be in a conference room together,” said Eric Spadafora, VP and GM, BlueJeans by Verizon.

“From the boardroom to the data centre, mobility is driving the way we work. With the new BlueJeans Mobile experience, we’re providing the full-fledged flexibility mobile workers require today, while setting up organisations of all sizes for hybrid workplace success in the future.”

Making mobile more inclusive

To enable a more diverse, dispersed workforce that is less likely to operate a conventional desktop or laptop, BlueJeans Mobile updates are being delivered across iPad, iOS and Android devices to ensure consistency, flexibility, and productivity.

Complementing updates made to Apple’s latest iPad Pro models announced this spring, the new BlueJeans Mobile iPadOS updates were designed for today’s business users who require full-featured meeting flexibility and robust meeting performance.

New features include

Layout flexibility

iPad users can now seamlessly toggle between integrated content and video tile layouts to move between views that display both content and meeting attendees at the same time or separately to replicate BlueJeans’ unique content slider experience found in the desktop app.

7×7 gallery view

Know who is in the meeting at all times with expanded gallery view for up to 49 participants. Touch-enabled zoom will let users adjust their settings to allow more or less participants to show up in view on the screen.

Centre screen support

With built-in machine learning and the new ultrawide front camera support for Apple’s Center Stage, one or more presenters from the same device can be rest assured they stay in frame as they move around the room or go hands-free for the call.

Multitasking support

Pull up a separate screen in-meeting to fact check, brainstorm and answer questions on the fly.

The newly optimised BlueJeans Mobile experience is designed to provide peace of mind for every meeting participant, regardless of their environment.

To support Android and iOS users, BlueJeans Mobile will soon include enhanced video layouts with the ability to overlay content with video tiles and quick join options for meeting simplicity.

For those unsure of their camera readiness, the integrated hair check and background blur features will be available before starting the call.

Furthermore, mobile WebRTC for Meetings provides zero-download, chat-enabled meeting accessibility for seamless collaboration without technical complexity—ensuring users can directly access the meeting straight from their mobile browser.

Verizon also announced the most affordable Motorola 5G phone available on Verizon, the motorola one 5G UW ace now comes loaded with the BlueJeans Meetings mobile app.

BlueJeans video conferencing on the Motorola one 5G UW ace provides secure business productivity on the go with users accessing all of Verizon’s 5G flavors.

Verizon’s 5G flavors include upcoming enhancements to 5G Ultra Wideband leveraging C-Band spectrum and the brand new Verizon Adaptive Sound system.

Driving next-generation use cases with 5G

As the pioneer of Mobile Edge Compute service (MEC) with AWS Wavelength, Verizon aims to unlock new opportunities in video business applications for teams and corporate users.

BlueJeans is piloting an industry-first approach for boosting service performance, reliability, and quality by tapping into the benefits of Verizon’s 5G network and the power of MEC.

The network is able to execute more of the compute-intensive workloads, freeing the mobile endpoint to deliver a unique video conferencing experience without being weighed down by processing tasks such as virtual backgrounds and immersive presentations.

This low latency approach can unlock new use cases for end users like real-time music performance and facilitate a new era of mobile innovation like VR/AR headset connectivity.

The new solution should bring together BlueJeans and the power of Verizon’s 5G network to deliver breakthrough performance to support video collaboration on the go.

BlueJeans is now available on the Vuzix M400 and M4000 Smart Glasses to enable seamless meeting productivity for everyone from back-office and field technicians to remote workers.

BlueJeans on Vuzix optimises the user experience on the Vuzix M4-Series Smart Glasses.

The Android-based smart glasses are backed by an 8-core processor, 4K phase-detect auto-focus camera, voice-activation, noise cancelling microphones and an extended battery life.

Free for download and use from the Vuzix App Store with an active BlueJeans license, users can easily bring their frame of view into any BlueJeans Meeting to help facilitate productivity.

Simplifying the remote experience further, QR-enabled meeting join codes free up time from having to manually punch in meeting IDs to enter a meeting.

Opening up the BlueJeans mobile app on your mobile device while wearing the Vuzix Smart Glasses will automatically scan the QR code to start or join a BlueJeans Meeting.