Verizon Business deploys Zero Trust network capabilities for Siemens

Verizon Business announced that it is supporting Siemens with a range of network connectivity solutions that will provide Siemens’ employees at smaller office sites with a seamless ‘plug and play’ user experience, whilst putting security and zero trust principles first.

What does Verizon bring to Siemens’ operations?

Siemens’ Zero Trust Program ensures that all devices of Siemens’ employees must be authenticated, authorised and continuously validated before access is given or retained to the company’s mission critical applications and data. Verizon Business will deploy “internet only” connectivity such as a global Managed Wide Area Network, based on Cisco Meraki’s technology and critical to the success of Siemens’ “never trust, always verify” program.

Siemens is among the largest tech companies in Europe. The German multinational focuses on automation and digitalisation in process and manufacturing, intelligent infrastructure for buildings and distributed energy systems, and smart mobility solutions for rail and road.

Commenting on the partnership, Elmar Spreitzer, Head of IT Digital Foundation, Siemens said: “With Verizon, we found a new partner to provide secure, internet-based network access for our simple office sites. The innovative connectivity solution is designed to meet the requirements of our Zero Trust program where we never trust, but always verify.”

What does the partnership mean for Verizon Business?

Sanjiv Gossain, EMEA Vice President, Verizon Business
Sanjiv Gossain, Vice President for EMEA at Verizon Business

Sanjiv Gossain, EMEA VP, Verizon Business said: “Every firm needs a secure work infrastructure but balancing security risks while delivering a digital working experience remains a challenge for IT departments. That’s where an intelligent network can make underlying architectures more nimble by managing traffic and making operations more efficient.”

A recent survey of over 600 industry professionals responsible for security strategy, policy and management revealed that over 70% of organisations agreed that remote working had adversely affected their cybersecurity and increased the burden on security teams.

Verizon’s IP network includes long-haul, metro and submarine assets that carry IP, data, and voice traffic across over 1 million route miles, enabling 500,000+ network, hosting and security devices managed. This builds on its network-as-a-service foundation and supports its private networks, mobile edge compute and business solutions vectors of growth.