VentureCrowd raises $10m in Series A for alternative asset investment

Steve Maarbani, Chief Executive Officer of VentureCrowd

Australia’s leading digital investment platforms for alternative assets, VentureCrowd, has raised $10m in a Series A round from new and existing investors, $6.6m of the round was raised by existing investors, with $3.9m raised from new investors through their platform.

The equity crowdfunding platform, which aims to democratise investment into alternative assets and facilitate access for the next generation of Millennial and Gen Z investors into purpose-driven projects, has raised over $180m for different companies since its inception.

VentureCrowd’s success in the market

The platform saw 21 successful raises during FY 2021 with a 63% increase in investments and a doubled membership of 63,000. VentureCrowd will use the warchest to further develop its technology platform, scale its retail product offering (in venture capital, property, private credit and funds) and expand into Southeast Asia by opening an office in Singapore in 2022.

VentureCrowd’s high profile portfolio companies include Nexba, Expert 360, 4DMedical, Jayride, Judo Capital, Perkii, Gamurs, Thinxstra, Zookal and Unyoked.

Since Nexba’s $6m Series A round, the company has gone from gross revenue of $2.5m to $35m in FY21 with its products currently sold in supermarkets across Australia and the UK.

EnGeneIC, the first biotech company to create a nanocellular COVID-19 vaccine that will protect immunocompromised patients raised $5m in a pre-IPO round, 500% over the target, and has now secured a licensing deal which is the largest Australian biotech deal of its kind.

The platform distributed over $8m to investors through property products and a joint venture with building partner HomeCorp Property Group (majorly owned by Toyota Motor Corporation). The partnership will work to eliminate construction and delivery risk, ultimately allowing a wider range of investors to get in on the ground floor of lucrative property deals.

CEO Steve Maarbani said, “We are humbled by the support of investors in this round.”

“The amount raised is indicative of the fact that members are not only pleased with our current progress, but are truly invested in the future of our company which is to digitise the process of investing in and managing alternative assets and by doing so, make them millions of new investors in a mobile-first environment with no more than three clicks. ”

“Creative solutions in health, agriculture, education, renewable energy and  sustainability are what the world needs at the moment and VentureCrowd believes that investments tackling these challenges should be available to all investors to deepen the available pool of capital.”

“And thus ensure more great projects can obtain the funding they need to succeed.”

VentureCrowd’s strategic partnerships

The platform also recently teamed up with digital venture studio Josephmark to help take early stage startups from idea inception to Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The partnership offers a complete set of growth services to early-stage startup founders from Josephmark’s brand, product, growth, and venture strategy and rollout services through to investment support and fundraising via the VentureCrowd platform.

The two are also developing an innovative, new digital platform to foster connections and collaboration opportunities between VentureCrowd’s members and early-stage founders.

John Bacon, VentureCrowd shareholder, said, “Having invested with VentureCrowd and watched them grow the past 4 years, I’ve never been more assured of their success.”

“Investing in solution-providing startups has proven to be financially rewarding and enough can’t be said about helping innovative minds make the world a better place. The expertise of the VentureCrowd is the green light for me. I am truly excited for what 2022 holds for them.”

About VentureCrowd

VentureCrowd is Australia’s leading equity crowdfunding platform with over 63,000 registered members, offering investment opportunities in high-growth private companies, diversified property development funds, property development projects and alternative credit.

VentureCrowd’s integrated proprietary technology platform has democratised access to crowdfunding opportunities; making them available to retail and wholesale investors.