Velodyne Lidar announces multi-year deal with GreenValley International

Velodyne Lidar, Inc. announced an agreement to provide its lidar sensors to GreenValley International for handheld, mobile and UAV 3D mapping solutions, including in GPS-denied environments. Velodyne is already shipping sensors to GreenValley as part of this agreement.

What does Velodyne bring to GreenValley’s portfolio?

GreenValley International uses Velodyne’s innovative Puck lidar sensors to provide perception and navigation capabilities that enable their systems to utilize SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) in their mobile mapping solutions. The ability to scan without GPS by using lidar allows foresters, archaeologists, civil engineers and surveyors to build robust datasets without preparations ahead of time or complex post-processing software.

Velodyne’s power-efficient, versatile sensors allow GreenValley to incorporate their tech into form factors, from backpacks to drones/UAVs to handheld mobile devices that can be used in indoor and outdoor environments, regardless of temperature, lighting or precipitation.

What does this mean for Velodyne and GreenValley?

Dr. Ted Tewksbury, Chief Executive Officer of Velodyne Lidar

“GreenValley is transforming various industries with its innovative and reliable lidar-powered 3D mapping solutions. Enabled by Velodyne’s lidar sensors, GreenValley’s aerial and mobile mapping product catalog has greatly improved data processing efficiency, saving time and reducing costs for customers worldwide,” said Dr. Ted Tewksbury, CEO of Velodyne Lidar.

“Adopting Velodyne’s industry-leading lidar sensors has enabled GreenValley to innovate and provide various industries with cutting-edge, reliable 3D mapping solutions. Velodyne’s lidar sensors currently power select models in our aerial and handheld mapping catalog. We have received extremely positive end user feedback, and we are excited about our future collaborations,” said Dr. Qinghua Guo, Chief Executive Officer of GreenValley International.