Validity enables marketers to measure email engagement with iOS15 update

Greg Kimball, SVP, Global Head of Email Solutions at Validity Inc.

Validity, the leading provider of data quality and email marketing success solutions, is expanding engagement analytics in its Everest platform to enable users to proactively address the latest Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) updates from Apple’s new iOS 15 system.

MPP prevents senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about their recipients.

Subscribers using an Apple mail client with MPP will have their email images prefetched and cached, causing the emails to register as opened, even if the recipient didn’t open the email.

Validity to measure email engagement

This iOS15 update will have a significant and overwhelmingly sweeping impact on the industry, as Validity data shows that Apple dominates email client usage at about 40%.

Marketers will lose the ability to track device and location data from these pixels as well.

This will impact marketers who rely on open rates to determine the success of their email campaigns, as they must utilize metrics outside of open rates to measure engagement.

Installing these updates to the hallmark Everest platform directly address this need by allowing users to better understand and expand their data insights.

Specifically, marketers can use Everest to get a more complete view of campaign performance, including metrics such as inbox placement rates and sender reputation signals.

This data, combined with metrics deeper in the conversion funnel such as click-through rates and conversion rates, allow marketers to effectively measure performance beyond opens.

Comments on Validity’s iOS15 update

“With our latest update to Everest, users’ existing data will be reorganized for more efficient and actionable insights to help marketers understand the accuracy and takeaways from the data that’s available,” said Greg Kimball, SVP, Global Head of Email Solutions at Validity.

“We advocate for ethical marketing and initiatives that promote and protect consumer privacy.”

“This update creates a shift for marketers and we are committed to provide the most updated information and expert guidance to confidently make decisions about their email programs.”

For marketers to pull the most valuable and accurate data, Everest engagement analytics will segment inflated open rate data stemming from Apple Mail and other proxy services from more accurate open rate data originating from other mail client and mailbox providers.

It includes Apple Privacy Proxy, Google Proxy, Yahoo Proxy, Desktop, Mobile/Tablet.

An updated user interface within Everest will make this data easily accessible and actionable so marketers can still evaluate the success of their email campaigns.

Of note, Everest will also allow users to glean value from the Apple Mail data, as it still provides value for recipient email address validation and inbox placement confirmation.

“I’m very pleased with what Validity has shown us,” said customer Fons de Waard, Head of Data & Platforms at Samsung UK. This works similar to how we measure our web visitors.”

“Its a perfect solution to meeting sender’s needs against what Apple is trying to provide.”