UST introduces key transformation initiatives for financial services sector

Mehmet Pasa, General Manager of Banking and Payments at UST

UST, a digital transformation solutions company, announced its continued growth in the banking and financial services industry. UST is a trusted partner in the sector, supporting operations for two of the top three U.S.-based asset and wealth management companies.

What is the secret behind UST’s robust growth?

In addition, UST has also seen significant traction in its customer base and revenue over the past year primarily due to its innovation and personalised approach to financial services. UST’s unique blend of technology and industry expertise has allowed it to provide customers with comprehensive solutions tailored to meet their customers’ specific needs.

This success has been made possible by the talented team of professionals that UST has assembled to lead its growing banking and finance team. Mehmet Pasa is General Manager of Banking and Payments at UST. He oversees strategy and digital transformation in the financial services, payments, and retail sectors. Pasa has extensive experience across the globe in various industries and settings, leading and helping companies of all sizes.

“Our dynamic range of solutions has redefined digital transformation in the finance and banking industry and we will continue working to build on this legacy of success. In addition to our efforts to prioritise innovation, we are partnering with other leaders in this sector so that we are equipped to meet the growing demand for tangible digital transformation impact,” said Mehmet Pasa, General Manager – Banking & Payments, UST.

Maureen Doyle-Spare is General Manager for Asset & Wealth Management and Insurance at UST. She is an experienced consulting and solution leader. In the role, Maureen Doyle-Spare delivers innovation through the intersection of business strategy, domain and technology to develop disruptive solutions that drive business impact in our constantly changing world. Doyle-Spare has worked extensively in the US, Europe and the UK.

Maureen Doyle-Spare, General Manager – Financial Services at UST

“We have found success in this sector because we build all our solutions with end users in mind; we want to exceed expectations so that they are empowered to deliver exceptional service,” said Maureen Doyle-Spare, General Manager – Financial Services, UST.

“UST is committed to nimble innovation and offering digital transformation solutions that scale efficiently and streamline all areas of operation,” Doyle-Spare further commented.

Over the past two decades UST has established itself as a key business transformation partner in the banking and financial services sector. The firm will build on the momentum to expand its presence in this evolving industry by leveraging the team’s deep expertise in delivering strategic consulting, human-centered design, transformation and tech solutions.

What are some of UST’s transformation initiatives?

Furthermore, UST is expanding its global impact in the dynamic banking and finance sector, leveraging two decades of deep domain experience to provide technology solutions to some of the most prominent companies in the industry across the globe. In recent months, UST has expanded its transformation offerings with several initiatives including:

  • The launch of UST FinX, UST’s Financial Services Platform and Fintech Partner Ecosystem which helps financial institutions rapidly transform, deploy products and optimise services. Clients include banks, building societies, credit unions, new challengers and other firms that require financial services.
  • The acquisition of Canada-based Prodigy Labs, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions designed to help financial services firms deliver comprehensive digital transformations. The acquisition significantly strengthens UST’s position in the financial services sector and the Canadian market.
  • A strategic collaboration with AWS and Mendix, a Siemens business to develop comprehensive solutions and go-to-market strategies for the financial services industry. This initiative helps firms expedite digital transformations by leveraging UST’s expertise within the financial services sector. UST will be able to offer a greater array of technologies to help customers achieve operational excellence and modernise legacy applications.
  • UST’s Partnership with TreasuryPay accelerates innovation in the financial sector while also driving the transformation and optimisation of treasury and trade functions. The exciting collaboration puts UST in a leadership position at the forefront of a dynamic field.
  • Development of advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to deliver seamless, personalised results for financial advisors to generate impact and unlock value.
  • Recognition by ISG Paragon Awards for ‘Excellence in Outstanding Delivery by a Technology or Service Provider’ for the transformative customer service solution developed for Wolters Kluwer. By building a bespoke solution, UST was able to create IT savings of 40% over five years while also increasing user satisfaction.

What else is in the works at UST?

In addition, UST has worked to modernise the platforms of one of the largest payments companies in the world, developing microservices and migrating applications to the cloud.

Other exciting work includes driving efficiency gains and developing new products for consumer finance giants, transforming platforms in the B2B payments sector and advising a leading telecommunications firm on payments infrastructure modernisation.

These recent wins demonstrate UST’s ability to deliver value in diverse areas including architecture, data integration and implementation services. Moving forward, UST will further evolve the scope of its consulting, service, platform, and product engineering offerings to create new efficiency and growth opportunities for sector customers.