UserTesting announces features to offer machine learning-driven insights

Kaj van de Loo, Chief Technology Officer at UserTesting

UserTesting (NYSE: USER), a video-based human insight platform, announced new features as part of its quarterly product release to help companies gather human insights specifically tailored to how their business operates. Companies can now identify and customize interesting and relevant findings using their own common, corporate terminology.

What else did UserTesting launch?

UserTesting also rolled out usage management for workspaces, making it easier to plan and share testing capacity across the entire organization. Lastly, for teams that want to capture feedback from their Fuel Cycle community members, UserTesting now offers the ability to launch tests to these audiences directly from the UserTesting® Human Insight Platform.

What are UserTesting’s stand-out features?

New features in this product release:

Customize auto-generated insights

UserTesting’s insight customization allows clients to provide feedback on auto-generated insights by adding their own custom terminology. These insights are powered by machine learning and help surface intent, sentiment, keywords, and other key moments in a video.

Customization is persistent and applied to future tests on similar experiences, helping to establish a common language for insights across the organization. This makes identifying key moments of interest faster and easier, and post-test analysis more efficient.

New integration with Fuel Cycle

UserTesting has expanded the ability for companies to access their own client communities with a new Fuel Cycle integration. This integration allows firms to efficiently reach and get feedback from their own customers that are already established via Fuel Cycle communities.

Users can distribute tests from the UserTesting Human Insight Platform directly to Fuel Cycle community members, creating an efficient way to capture feedback from these audiences.

Usage management for workspaces

With usage management for workspaces, firms can manage testing capacity across their enterprise efficiently. Clients can expand the use of the UserTesting Human Insight Platform into new departments, groups, and lines of business while managing testing capacity.

“UserTesting is innovating its overall platform experience to bring greater efficiencies. The easier we can make it to capture these types of insights, the greater the customer intuition they can build–and it’s those companies that understand what is driving their customers’ behaviors that will be the market leaders,” said Kaj van de Loo, CTO at UserTesting.