US military veterans to benefit from Osteopore’s ground-breaking implants

Mark Leong, Executive Chairman at Osteopore

An Aussie-Singaporean ASX-listed bone and tissue regeneration firm will help US military veterans suffering trauma injuries and congenital defects with its 3D-printed bioresorbable implants. Osteopore’s US based distributor, Bioplate Inc, has secured a non-exclusive distribution agreement with MellingMedical LLC which will see its FDA-cleared products sold to healthcare facilities operated by the US federal govt – at over 500 locations in the country.

What are the terms of the collaboration?

The initial focus will be supplying products to the Veteran’s Affairs and Department of Defense facilities that have neuro and trauma surgery capabilities. MellingMedical will market Osteopore’s products to the healthcare facilities both domestically and internationally.

Osteopore works with 3D-printed bioresorbable implants – whereby a scaffold guides a damaged or broken bone to regrow naturally. The innovative company has successfully developed and commercialised the scaffold-guided bone regenerative implants for surgical use, reducing post-surgery complications compared to permanent alloy or titanium implants.

MellingMedical offers multiple federal health care agencies a range of healthcare products, with a focus on providing military veterans better access to quality and cost-effective medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals. MellingMedical has access to more than 165 Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Medical Centers, 300 Veteran’s Affairs Outpatient Clinics, all seven Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacies, and 95 Department of Defense Medical Facilities.

Bioplate and Osteopore will work with MellingMedical to apply for listing in the Federal Supplies Schedule (FSS). Upon successful listing, anticipated within six months, Osteopore products will be available to all federal healthcare facilities. Bioplate will appoint sales representatives to exclusively work with MellingMedical to promote Osteopore products.

Osteopore and Bioplate will work with MellingMedical, to train Bioplate’s sales reps to facilitate ongoing promotion at targeted neuro-trauma centers across federal healthcare facilities.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

Osteopore Executive Chairman, Mark Leong said the company was pleased to be helping US military veterans with its tech. “This is a vital and progressive milestone in the execution of our strategy of extending our presence in a key market like the USA,” said Mr Leong.

“Working closely with MellingMedical, we now have inroads to their wide and considerable access to VA related medical facilities and clinics throughout USA and helps extend the footprint of our products. We are all enthused with this latest development and credit the team for imprinting Osteopore as a viable solution in the USA cranial market,” he added.

Commenting on the deal, Bioplate Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Hopson, said: “We are excited about this agreement as it allows the VA, military hospitals, and other government facilities an opportunity to have access this novel technology. The Osteopore products address a clinical need that has not been solved with traditional cranial closure products.”

Founder and CEO of MellingMedical, Chris Melling, commented, “We are amazed at the efficacy of Osteopore’s solutions and their ability to enhance and accelerate the body’s natural regenerative processes. Their technology’s potential to improve the quality of life for patients recovering from injury or even congenital skeletal defects is a game changer.”