Global Digital Infrastructure Authority Uptime Institute buys CNet Training

Andrew Stevens, Chief Executive Officer of CNet Training

Uptime Institute, the Global Digital Infrastructure Authority, a Dominus Capital, L.P. portfolio company, announced that it has completed its acquisition of Academia Group Limited and all of its global subsidiaries including CNet Training, Ltd. CNet Training, located in Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk, England, is an International award-winning technical education company.

Uptime Institute’s Intelligence team completed a market research study indicating the number of staff needed to design, build, and operate data centers will continue to grow globally from about 2.0 million in 2019 to nearly 2.3 million by 2025. A wide range of specialist jobs (230 detailed in Uptime Institute Data Center Career Pathfinder, developed in association with Google, Meta & Microsoft) are required by the sector to support its continued expansion.

The combination of Uptime Institute and CNet Training will address the evolving training needs of all current and future data center employees as they progress through their careers.

What was the market impact of CNet Training?

CNet Training as a company has been delivering expert professional network and data center infrastructure education, designing and training programs since 1996 and has successfully trained over 83,000 data center professionals across 45 countries around the world.

CNet Training dramatically extends the range and depth of Uptime Education offerings and positions Uptime as the Learning & Development partner of choice around the world. The combined offerings will include solutions valuable for every point in a career for a digital infrastructure professional. This includes entry level staff, even adolescents in apprenticeships, to post graduate degrees in Data Center Leadership for savvy, long serving professionals.

“We are excited to join the accelerating Uptime Institute team. CNet Training as a company was already growing quickly, but now will have many more opportunities through further geographic expansion, and various new service offerings, as a part of the Uptime Institute.”

“As we look forward to this next phase, I want to thank all our clients, staff, and investors who have supported us these past 26+ years of delivering unique value and in bringing innovation to the Digital Infrastructure Education market,” said Andrew Stevens, CEO of CNet Training.

What does the acquisition mean for Uptime Institute?

“The data center industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The continued, extraordinary industry expansion requires a growing and diverse workforce, however, concerns over the industry’s ability to attract, educate, and retain skilled technical staff persist regardless of innovation. Acquisition of new and more staff will help our respective customers thrive in a rapidly changing ecosystem,” said Martin V. McCarthy, CEO, Uptime Institute.

Martin V. McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer at Uptime Institute

“This will be achieved by giving our customers the access to a range of world class corporate learning and development technical education programs that are backed up by real world practical experience and specialized domain expertise that will equip them for the industry.”

Bob Haswell, Founding Partner at Dominus Capital, added, “This first acquisition for Uptime under Dominus ownership will further establish Uptime Education as the unparalleled leader in Digital Infrastructure Education. Uptime is the undisputed market leader worldwide, with results-oriented solutions for both providers and consumers of services delivered through mission critical data center, the true digital foundries, and factories of the Internet economy.”

“The ongoing availability, resiliency, sustainability, security, and business value of these key infrastructure building blocks still depend on quality and capabilities of workforces that operate them, and the skill, training and education of each individual team member.”

Uptime Institute continues to identify and assess any potential add-on acquisitions to broaden its offering and continue to execute on its core mission to help data center owners, operators, and tenants ensure resilient, available, sustainable, and secure digital infrastructure.


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