University of Technology Sydney and trailblazing startup Vudoo join forces to unlock Artificial Intelligence ability

Vudoo, an interactive video and content commerce pioneer, and the University of Technology Sydney’s Data Science Institute will combine forces to develop an Artificial Intelligence-based recommendation engine to derive deep insights on user consumption of video content. The project is backed by a $50,000 Entrepreneurs’ Programme federal grant secured by Vudoo, which will top-up an extra $96,000 to the research and development collaboration with UTS.

What does this mean for UTS?

According to Safa Ghannam and Professor Farookh Hussain, UTS School of Computer Science Research Fellow and Head of Software Engineering, respectively, the project was timely with the adoption of AI and machine learning on the rise. “UTS was interested in the unique set of data points that Vudoo has been collating in the behavioural analytics space, interactions, and attention metrics around video usage,” said Ghannam and Prof. Hussain.

“With vast expertise in data science, it’s vital we lead the way in finding practical applications for our survey, and partnering with startups like Vudoo is an ideal way to achieve this.”

What does the partnership mean for Vudoo?

Nick Morgan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Vudoo
Nick Morgan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Vudoo

“Ultimately, we want to unlock a powerful prediction and AI engine to help other brands get to outcomes faster based on the data we collect,” said Nick Morgan, Vudoo CEO and founder.

“Predictive models can also be used to help serve our new and existing customers better. Data used on the project is completely anonymised and we can assure all our customers and users of the utmost privacy and confidentiality when using our platform,” said Morgan.

The groundbreaking project, “Deriving deep insights from user behaviour based on interactive videos,” aims to better understand how customers interact with videos and develop strategies to unlock the value of data in Google’s BigQuery data warehouse based on six years’ worth of data from Vudoo. The data source has no personal identifiers and comes from a range of clients who have executed unique video journeys on the Vudoo platform.