UiPath teams up with NCS to further automated service delivery in APAC

Howie Lau, Managing Partner of Corporate Development and Partnerships, NCS

UiPath, an enterprise automation software company, announced a strategic partnership with NCS for the deployment of enterprise-grade automation capabilities. The partnership will support NCS in its journey toward becoming the leading technology services firm in the Asia Pacific region with an automation-first approach to services delivery.

What is the go-to market for the partnership?

The joint go-to-market effort will bring the power of automation to both public and private enterprises from across industries, such as telecommunications, government, and financial services, particularly in high growth markets like Singapore, Australia, and Asia Pacific.

NCS, a UiPath Diamond Business Partner, will create an NCS UiPath Automation Practice to build automation solutions on the UiPath platform to enhance its NEXT services capabilities.

The solutions allow firms to harness automation, improve operational efficiencies, and optimize for emerging tech. For consumers, increased automation will improve speed and accuracy of processes including enabling effective onboarding for new clients, ensuring seamless operations and issue resolution, and convenience with broader self-service options.

What are the executive thoughts on the partnership?

Howie Lau, Managing Partner of Corporate Development and Partnerships, NCS, said, “The convergence of 5G, IoT, and AI has created business opportunities for enterprises. To fully capitalise on this, enterprises need to improve performance, flexibility, and reliability of tech.”

“NCS is investing in developing automated operating models to deliver rich customer experiences and drive high-impact employee engagement. Through our deal with UiPath, we are reimagining internal processes by integrating automation into our business units and products to offer our clients more intelligent and elevated services for the digital age.”

Rick Harshman, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, APAC and Japan, UiPath said, “NCS is a proven leader in digital services and as an early adopter of automation, it has a sophisticated knowledge base to redefine how its clients and partners are shaping the future.”

“Asia Pacific is a rapidly evolving market with potential for tremendous growth for automation-first organisations. UiPath shares NCS’ vision for human-centric, sustainable automation adoption, democratising access to technology that improves the world around us. We are excited to partner with NCS on the next phase of its automation journey.”

The NCS UiPath Automation Practice will have more than 250 employees focused on the process discovery, automation testing, and delivery of the fully automated enterprise.

NCS aims to upskill and certify its UiPath practitioners within the next three years and deploy hundreds of automations within the organisation. Embedding these offerings into its existing solutions will enable clients across Asia Pacific to transition to a fully automated enterprise.

NCS provides a wide range of end-to-end tech and digital services across 61 specialisations delivered through the expertise of its 10,000-strong team throughout Asia Pacific.

To learn more about business solutions from NCS, please visit here. For more information about how UiPath is helping telecommunications firms, please visit here.