UiPath and Amelia partner to deliver personalised employee experiences

UiPath, an enterprise automation software company, and Amelia, the Trusted AI provider, announced a partnership that brings together the power of the UiPath Business Automation Platform with Amelia’s enterprise-grade Conversational AI to create a fully integrated IT digital agent solution. Together, the market leaders will enable customers to deliver personalised employee experiences at scale, helping firms drive efficient growth by doing more with less.

What does the partnership mean for the joint clients?

Despite the proliferation of digital technologies in the enterprise, employee experiences still lag behind. UiPath and Amelia bridge the gap between powerful automation and simplified user experiences with an integrated solution that reimagines the employee experience and delivers measurable improvement in productivity and net promoter scores (NPS).  

Employees can make support requests via chat, messaging, or voice. Amelia processes the request and integrates with UiPath software robots to resolve the issues with workflow AI and automation. Once complete, Amelia summarises the resolution for the employee via their preferred channel. Requests that cannot be resolved are escalated to agents, with the combined solution learning from the interaction to better address similar issues in the future.

Companies that deploy UiPath and Amelia’s innovative joint solution empower their employees and boost their satisfaction with immediate, 24/7/365 resolutions for a full suite of information technology and administrative requests, including application troubleshooting, VPN access, password resets, vacation balance checks, payroll changes, and more.

With its solution, Amelia and UiPath can create extraordinary user experiences through rapid resolution of everyday tasks, allowing employees to focus on propelling company growth. It enables end-to-end resolutions for high-volume requests, which reduces service desk wait times, accelerates request handle times, and improvements of employer NPS. Customers are empowered to scale custom solutions and apps with the offering as business needs evolve.

What does this mean for UiPath and Amelia?

Dhruv Asher, Senior Vice President of Alliances and Business Development at UiPath

“UiPath is motivated by vital beliefs that automation liberates humanity’s boundless potential and that it is critical to transform employee experiences in today’s resource-constrained market,” commented Dhruv Asher, SVP of Alliances and Business Development at UiPath.

“In Amelia, we found a partner that is home to a market-leading Conversational AI solution, and aligned with our mission and vision for automation. We are thrilled to bring our joint solution to market to help employees everywhere and drive productivity at firms worldwide.”

Lanham Napier, President and Chairman of Amelia, said, “We happy to partner with UiPath to create a fully integrated automation solution for seamless support experiences for firms.”

“Employees are undoubtedly the engine that drives companies’ success, yet people are often hindered in their jobs by repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Our joint solution eliminates barriers to productivity and creativity by bringing together the leading Conversational AI and business automation tech, and we’re excited to deliver new innovations across industries.”