Turnkey publisher serves thought leaders in business, finance and faith

Michael Stickler, Co-founder of Leadership Books

Thought leaders and industry professionals who use their books as “leave-behinds” during conferences and speaking engagements are falling short of forming meaningful connections with their target audiences, notes Leadership Books co-founder Michael Stickler. “We get the author’s audience to buy their book, read their book and become their fans,” Stickler said.

“Then, when they ‘meet’ the author, it’s a more productive conversation. The reader is already convinced that what the author has, the reader needs. It’s a different conversation.”

How did the idea of Leadership Books come to be?

Leadership Books is an emerging publishing and author representation powerhouse founded by prolific bestselling author Stickler (who has written over 19 books) and his publishing mentor, Arthur Ritter. The two created Leadership Books to help innovators in business, finance and faith through every step of the writing, publishing and marketing processes.

Stickler and Ritter blended the best aspects of traditional and self-publishing companies into one publishing house and online retailer that can help do it all. “Traditional publishing had become nearly impossible to break into. Self-publishing became so popular that the market had become flooded with writings that did not deserve to be printed,” Stickler said.

How is the company helping writers break into market?

This scenario means good writers are left with a slim-to-none chance of getting picked up by a publisher, and those who self-publish have a slim chance of selling books. Stickler and Ritter assembled a team of editors, designers and marketing professionals to serve the needs of thought leaders who write books with the power to change lives, businesses and souls.

From helping aspiring authors turn their ideas into book form, to designing the cover and interior, to creating targeted and integrated marketing campaigns, Leadership Books offers a business model that aims to help nonfiction authors extend their reach, sell more books and grow their customer bases. “We have proven methods for you to reach more of your audience and connect with them in ways traditional, larger publishers can’t,” Stickler added.

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