Triton Digital taps Audacia to meet rising programmatic audio demand

Triton Digital®, the global tech and services firm to the digital audio, podcast, and broadcast radio industries, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Audacia, a global advertising marketplace using the power of audio to connect publishers, advertisers, and customers. Through this partnership, the Audacia ad network will have access to Triton Digital’s exchange of premium audio publishers across all audio formats in the APAC region.

What does the partnership mean for customers?

Audacia will be leveraging Triton Digital’s Supply Side Platform (SSP), an audio-first SSP, built from the ground up for broadcasters, podcasters, and music streaming services. Integrated with the world’s leading DSPs, the SSP provides advanced publisher controls to manage access, regulate pricing, and establish ad quality settings in the Triton Audio Marketplace.

Both open and private marketplace deals with specific buyers, brands or sales houses can be configured. Audacia will be able to create custom, targeted packages of audio inventory and make them available to any connected DSP. Triton Digital’s network of audio publishers recently opted into Audacia’s ad network packages for the monetization of global inventory.

What does this mean for Audacia and Triton Global?

Stephanie Donovan, Global Head of Revenue at Triton Digital
Stephanie Donovan, Global Head of Revenue at Triton Digital

“Triton is thrilled to partner with Audacia, pairing Kym’s expertise of the audio industry with Triton’s audio inventory. APAC is expanding rapidly, as consumption of digital audio is up over 450% in the last 24 months offering a valuable medium for advertisers to target and reach engaged audiences. This will help accelerate awareness of the benefits of programmatic audio advertising in APAC,” said Stephanie Donovan, Global Head of Revenue at Triton Digital.

“The audio industry is continuing to grow and with it so does the challenge of reaching the right audiences. Audacia’s alliance with Triton Digital will connect advertisers with publishers intending to reach the same target audience, while expanding access and increasing adoption of programmatic advertising,” commented Kym Treasure, CEO and Founder of Audacia.

Furthermore, advertisers in Audacia’s network will have access to Triton’s analytics platform for real-time reporting with easy-to-use dashboards to compare performance metrics.

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