Tricentis reveals trends in how the world’s top financial organisations move fast without breaking things

Jori Ramakers Director of CX Strategy at Tricentis

Tricentis, the world’s number one platform for modern cloud and enterprise applications, announced the latest edition of its report, “How the World’s Top Organizations Test”, analysing how financial industry leaders test the software their businesses rely on.

For this analysis, Tricentis collected data from 110 Fortune 500 (or global equivalent) financial organisations – including banking, insurance, payments providers, financial services, and more across Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific.

Findings of the Tricentis data analysis

The latest analysis in Tricentis’ broader longitudinal study on how the world’s top organisations test, the report’s findings include the following:

  • Overall, financial organisations’ testing processes are 29% more mature than their peers in other industries and they’re 2.5x more likely to have automated tests fully integrated into their CI/CD pipeline
  • Test coverage at financial organisations is nearly 50% more mature than in other industries
  • Financial organisations are more likely to start adopting critical Continuous Testing elements — but are less likely to have mastered them
  • Banking organisations scored 42% better on test automation than organisations outside the financial industry
  • Insurance organisations lead the pack in terms of test data management with their overall test data strategy being 63% more mature than those outside of the financial space

Comments on the Tricentis data analysis

“Enterprise financial organisations are complex, highly regulated environments. Thoroughly testing their financial systems as they evolve at speed can be as dire as it is daunting.”

“There’s absolutely no room for error, though. Even an easily overlooked ‘glitch’ could result in regulatory compliance investigations and penalties,” comments Jori Ramakers, director of customer experience strategy at Tricentis.

“But if these systems were already difficult to test in the era of quarterly release cycles, what’s happening now that software is evolved in a matter of days… or even minutes?”

“By exploring the latest testing trends in the financial industry, we aim to answer these questions, and help organisations reduce their testing burden so they can release quickly to an increasingly competitive market.”